Gillard is gone

Whether it be in a few weeks, or if by some warping of the universe she survives til 2013, the PM is gone.

But whilst we wait, let’s take a look at what “Prime Minister” really means.

By “prime”, we mean #1. The best. The cream of the crop. The top dog. The cat sitting aperch of the pyramid.

However, “prime” is nothing when un-coupled with “minister”.

“Minister” means someone who serves.

This is Australia. We ain’t talking about someone who rules.


We are talking about someone who serves.

To be sure, often when people hear the word, “minister”, they think about some priest or religious figure.

Hmm, they’re kind of right, yet kind of wrong.

A minister of the state is someone who has been democratically elected to serve the state. The state is the people.

For example, as such, a minister is there to make sure the people aren’t being ripped off.

The prime minister is there as a kind of overseer, making sure the people aren’t being ripped off by the other minsters, making sure everything’s OK, and thus the State can function.

Julia Gillard has betrayed that most basic of trusts. She has hacked into a pillar of modern, strong society. That Fabian Socialist has carved a wedge into a pillar of society.

How dare she!

Not only has she willed her ministers to act against the state, she herself has been the prime instigator in a barrage of litany designed to weaken Australia.

Nice try, bitch.

We are not a society that is ruled by the so-called powerful! The so-called powerful are nothing but spivs. Education didn’t come yesterday, and an educated citizenry hardly needs bureaucracy to tell it what to do!

Gillard will be lucky to escape gaol.

    • The Wizard of WOZ
    • August 15th, 2012

    “Gillard will be lucky to escape gaol.”

    God willing, she wont.

    • philjourdan
    • August 16th, 2012

    Best of luck ridding yourselves of that albatross. I can only hope we are as smart in the colonies.

  1. In a perfect world Jooolya would be sharing a cell with Bondy for a decade or two.

    • Bondy I can half forgive. He set up a university. Julia set up a tin shed.

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