It’s hard to comprehend how hard a PM can FAIL

My goodness. Just when you thought Julia Gillard couldn’t be any more of the utter train wreck of a PM she is, she has now welcomed a bunch of hijackers to Australia.

The Federal Government says 67 asylum seekers were so aggressive when a merchant vessel picked them up off Java this week that the ship’s captain took them to Christmas Island rather than continuing to Singapore.

Does that woman have any concern for our nation?Any whatsoever?

    • Red, White and Blue
    • August 16th, 2012

    Why is it that illegal immigrants are in a position to force countries to do what they want? It’s because leftist governments are allowing it to happen. They are also getting better benefits than the citizens of the countries that they are invading. The leaders of these governments should be booted from office and these situations should not be allowed to happen again. I hope the citizens of Australia and the US correct this problem soon.

  1. Funniest part is that before I got the usual 5star rating from someone out there who always does it (Mum?), I pissed someone off enough to bother hitting the one star rating (hence the three stars we all see now).

    Good to see I got under someone’s skin! 🙂

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