Julia’s downfall

She’s stringing it out a bit.

In Larry’s latest update, there’s not too much new, just a bit of meat on the bones.

We learn the Victorian cops are procrastinating, despite laws that expressly prohibit such stalling.

A bit on Mark Arbib – yeah him; I was wondering, too.

Yes. the Pickering Post IS under a barrage of DDOS attacks; a bit silly if it’s Julia’s mob since they can be traced if the will is there. The thing about ddos attacks is that they don’t work if you’re going through a proxy or TOR… it has to be done from one’s own legit internet connection (i.e. might be interesting down the track).

It seems Slater&Gordon is willing to go down with the ship, too… OR… they reckon Julia and Co. can tough this one out.

Such arrogance, yet hardly a surprise.

    • Sean of Deer Park
    • August 17th, 2012

    The Pickering Post is completely down, gone…

    The message says “This account has been suspended”. Why?

    WTF is going on? Why is a communist allowed to get away with all this? When is she going to be stopped?

    If there is nothing to all the allegations, it is time Gillard and her mob prove it. Freedom of Speech must be allowed to expose criminals and fraudsters – especially when the corruption involves the Prime Fucking Minister!

    • Yep. It’s down all right.

      Pickering Post site down

      But we shouldn’t just go and immediately blame Gillard, no matter our suspicions. For all we know, Larry could be having a lend, or he paid for the site and its admin on the cheap. Might be an idea to start saving his stories, though…

    • And… how it looks just checking back on the regular comp. Ain’t looking too flash.

      (works better if you click)

    • BTW, have you checked your email yet?

        • Sean of Deer Park
        • August 18th, 2012


        Yes. I laughed a lot.
        It’s way too late for therapist now though.

        • Too late for the rapist?

    • The Wizard of WOZ
    • August 18th, 2012

    Apparently its now forbidden too…

    “The requested URL / was not found on this server.

    Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.”

    • Sean of Deer Park
    • August 19th, 2012

    The Sydney Morning Herald does a round-up story.


    The Pickering Post is still down and Bolt will talk about this in the morning.

    The ominous sound of Julia’s new anthem, Viking Death March (gotta love Billy Talent), can now be heard on the far side of the hill in Canberra.

      • Sean of Deer Park
      • August 19th, 2012

      Is it just me, or is that song freaking awesome!

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