Nothin’ sus, I was “young and naive”

Once drove Mum’s car at 160km/h on the south-east freeway. Had to beat a bunch of Terrace boys in a 4WD. It’s OK, but. Nothin’ sus. I was “young and naive”.

All the kids in the neighbourhood used to meet down at the park at midnight and raise hell. It’s OK, but. Nothin’ sus. We were “young and naive”.

Someone I know of helped embezzle hundreds of thousands of dollars, stolen from ordinary hard-working Australians. It’s OK, but. Nothin’ sus. She was “young and naive”.

Readers are invited to submit their own stories from when they were “young and naive”.

  1. Let’s not forget that Charles Manson was convicted for what occurred when he was in his early thirties. Clearly, he should be released immediately because he was just young and naïve.

    • Carpe Jugulum
    • August 16th, 2012

    Sure – i got a bit tipsy and ran naked through the middle of a church wedding wearing a phaeroh headdress whilst yelling to the crowd to slap me on the buttocks with a halibut – but i was young and naive.

    Oh wait – that was last month.

    • Are you on speaking terms with your daughter again?

    • Carpe Jugulum
    • August 16th, 2012

    That was not me – it could have been anyone – a lot of middle aged, skinny long haired men with chin beards are out there & look like me.

    *i can’t prove that*

    And daughter Jugulum is still single – mainly because Lady Jugs would relentlessly harrass (attack) the poor fool who puts their filthy hands on our baby girl (sure she is 28 but that is still a baby to us) 🙂

    • Tell lady jugs she’d do well to sheath the samurai sword. In Korea, when a single woman turns 30, she’s not considered young and naive anymore, but rather an “old maid”…kinda like a certain PM. :-p

      • Is that what she wants? Really???

  2. At 16 I was conscripted into waiter service at a school function. The headmaster introduced to Archbishop Little, and I politely said ‘Good evening, Your Grace.’ Little gave me the old first-names-are-fine-tonight routine, just to let me know I was one of the grown ups. This unexpected informality provoked a totally unplanned question: ‘How they hangin’, Frank?’
    But hey, I was…

    • Was he Catholic or Anglican? Apparently that makes a whole lotta difference when pondering said question…

      • PS Man that Manson comment was funny. There was just no coming back at it.

      • RC. Never accused…

    • Poasmithyas
    • August 19th, 2012

    Invading Poland was probably a mistake, but then again…I was young and naive!….A Hitler

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