Cut and run

Seriously, it’s not even news. Just confirmation our government is letting us be played for fools.

THE Indonesian crew of an asylum boat that sparked a massive rescue effort left rescuers shocked when they sailed off in the boat that the Australian Maritime Safety Authority had believed was stricken.

Stricken? FFS. Yeah, right.

Merchant vessel Maersk Diadema was responding to a mayday call from AMSA on Monday when it steamed towards the asylum boat about 70 nautical miles southwest of Bali. AMSA, in turn, was responding to distress calls from someone onboard the asylum boat.

Well, duh. That’s what they do. That, and dumping all their documents. Distress call, my arse.

From someone onboard the asylum boat?

Doesn’t seem very Aussie. Doesn’t seem like much at all.

Seems like a pretty ordinary Prime Minister…

    • mabba
    • August 17th, 2012

    On a much lighter note, Anna (the Blighter) is about to cut n run…to NSW (where they can have the blues for real). But who cares?- now. Will it be like that when (pretty please when?) Jooles goes? Unfortunately, ancient Chinee proverb say: ‘The almonds of life come to those who have no teeth’.

    • Perhaps Prince Charles will give the bogan of Wales a swathe of his farmland, and we can put her out to pasture!

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