The truth hurts


Just gotta put it out there; why does Obama get such a staggering amount of the black vote? His policies? We all know that’s bullshit.

Dean not-Martin:

It’s a racist thing, pure and simple. If 96% of whites only voted for a white guy, the blacks would be screaming racism at the top of their lungs. There is no policy answer that could explain it. There are no results in what king barry has done to explain it. There is no other intelligent answer. RACISM my friend.


Exactly. If it’s racism, why do good people so respect and admire Condi? Why do we even have a soft spot for Powell, even after he folded on the Islamic terrorist issue? Because he did some good shit, namely arguing the case for what needed to be done with Iraq. We’re approaching 20,000 killed by Islamic terrorists since 9/11. No amount of pseudo-moralising can take away from that fact. I’ve had a gut of playing the leftist game, trying to score a goal when they keep moving the goal posts. Enough! Enough pandering, enough giving of inches. Come November, with any common sense and fortitude, a new sheriff will be in town, someone who won’t agree to playing ball on a rigged playing field. Go on. Call me whatever you want. It’s all vacuous bullshit. Right back at yas!

    • Red, White and Blue
    • August 17th, 2012

    It’s leftist racism. Most of the racism out there comes from the left. The civil people out there are on the right. Hate speech is a leftist thing, also. We bring facts, while they bring hate. That’s just the way it is right now. It is that way mainly because of obie dividing the country along as many lines as he can think of.

    • Well I’m not playing that game anymore!

      • philjourdan
      • August 17th, 2012

      “Leftist Racism” is kind of redundant. The left are the racists (at least in this country). They are the party of the enslavement, the KKK, Jim Crowe Laws, segregation, Bulll Connors, George Wallace, Robert Byrd and Civil rights Filibustering.

      But like all leftists the world over, they have to accuse their opponents of their crimes to divert attention.

      • Indeed. In case anyone missed it…

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