Three big reasons why Julia Gillard can’t possibly continue as PM

Not to mention the other myriad of reasons – listed here – but here’s the big three.

  1. The carbon tax
  2. The boats
  3. The AWU/Slater&Gordon scandal and cover-up

No wonder Labor’s Caucus is in crisis discussions.

And as for that list, do you agree? Perhaps the NBN,  her deal with the Greens, or something else scores higher in your mind.

Tell us below in comments. What are your big three?

    • mabba
    • August 20th, 2012

    Impossible to prioritise… but I hate the news ‘inquiry’ threats to freedom of the press; the Australia Day airbrushing (where is that staffer who tried to set up Tony A ?) & the whole disturbing undercurrent of widespread union corruption (of which the FWA inquiry into HSU and the Slater & Gordon/ AWU debacle seem to be but the tip of the iceberg)…

    • Hmm. Some other Labor schmuck came out today calling for fines or suspensions for what he considers inaccurate reporting.

      Did Hawke or Keating ever try this crap on? Screaming down the phone at an editor is one thing, but barging into offices, demanding sackings and setting up witch hunt media inquiries? Is that the status quo?

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