Five reasons why the Governor General should sack the PM

If Labor’s Caucus won’t act, then it’s up to Governor General Quentin Bryce to do so.

  1. Above all else, she is there to protect democracy – and the population’s faith therein – in Australia
  2. To salvage what can be – the flag floating in the seas? – from the ALP shipwreck (yes, it would mean a double-dissolution, a lost election, yet would also present the opportunity to break away from the cancerous Greens and rebuild, and Labor can’t rebuild fast enough)
  3. To give her son-in-law, workplace relations minister Bill Shorten, some hope of maintaining any integrity, and thus meaningful future employment
  4. To protect her beloved union movement as some other unionists are valiantly trying to do
  5. To protect her own reputation and legacy
  1. Unfortunately, the Governor-General, whilst loving all the pomp and flowers, has no wish to do her job. See my “Part of Parliament Refuses to Be Part of Parliament” and TWAKI’s “Governor-General not interested in Australian democracy/”.
    A decent governor-general would have, inter alia, refused to give assent to the “carbon” tax, and would have demanded accountability from this incompetent Government. A governor-general who took her responsibilities seriously would, in the light of evidence against the PM’s integrity, demand Gillard’s resignation.

    • Yep. I remember that post now. Sounds like after Kerr, they stitched that one up with a wink and a nod… and a threat.

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