So much for GillardGate being a vast right wing conspiracy

Andrew Bolt sets the record straight as to where the information on the AWU/Slater&Gordon scandal is coming from… and it ain’t from the Right.

There is a determined campaign by Labor and its media allies to portray the scrutiny on this scandal and on Gillard as a Liberal plot, a Murdoch press gotcha, or the malevolent muck-rucking of disreputable “shock-jocks” and cartoonists.In fact, the scandal was recently raised in Parliament by former Labor Attorney-General Robert McClelland. It is being researched by a former Socialist Left unionist turned lawyer Harry Nowicki. It has been given fresh momentum [by] a former Slater & Gordon partner Nick Styant-Browne, It has been kept alive by allegations by former AWU officials Ralph Blewett and Bob Kernohan. The most devastating indictment was an affidavit by then AWU national secretary Ian Cambridge, now a Gillard-appointed judge of Fair Work Australia. The man who gave me the most damaging insight into the affair was another senior AWU official. The story has recently been pursued by Fairfax’s Financial Review.

That’s right. The actual content, the info, the facts, the guts of this scandal is coming from… the Left! Leftists who are are also fed up with this travesty.

Because as much as some of the Gillard Luvvies in the media and elsewhere would like to dismiss this for their team, this isn’t actually a left/right issue.

It’s a criminal issue, a trust issue, a judgement issue, an integrity issue.

So enough of this shooting the messenger BS.

BTW, that link also contains more info from the excerpts in the post below.

    • Sean of Deer Park
    • August 21st, 2012

    Interesting that we have to keep saying any wrong doings are “allegations” when it pertains to Gillard and her mob, but some find conspiracy theories are fact when it involves mud being thrown at the LNP.

    Allegations, BingBing, allegations! 😆

    Sitting here trying to listen to the 2GB broadcast over the sound of the fan in my PC which seems to have shat itself. Very annoying and the reason I haven’t been online much in the last two days. I’d better go to the shop and get a new fan at some point.

    • Who says AI is mere fantasy? Even your poor PC has had enough of this ALP/union rot!

    • BTW, helluva time for that fan to go to pot. This Gillard debarcle has sent the hitcount up five fold.

    • philjourdan
    • August 21st, 2012

    Don’t know if you get Starz (the Premium channel), but there is a great short series on it – Boss. And you will find some similarities between the current GillardGate and the show! The writers are not afraid to go after any sacred cows!

    • We don’t in Korea but for example, one of the networks picked up Spartacus so it might end up on my TV screen. I’ll keep an eye out. Cheers. 😉

        • J.M. Heinrichs
        • August 23rd, 2012

        Of course, “Moscow Spartak” was sponsored by the Soviet Trade Union Association.


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