PM Julia Gillard is a lying shyster and a fraud

Fuck it. Here we go. Might as well just come out and say it. Let the chips fall where they may. Everybody is reading between the lines, anyway.

But funny that. The term “reading between the lines” comes out of old soviet Russia, the old USSR. What it meant was that a) you couldn’t believe a word written in the state-run media because it wasn’t a free press just propaganda bullshit yet b) a little freedom still steeped though the crevices of the iron fist and that as time progressed, using code almost if you will, diligent citizens could decipher what the crafty journalist implied, all whilst government was trying yet failing to suppress it thanks to the cunning of true journalists.
Now, one could talk about war paths, long marches, jack boots, intimidation, thuggery, or even just the dodgiest shit that happens all the time that Melbourne is infamous for. I’ve got cousins down there, I know. We could talk about Bill the Greek, some bloke called Con, and that Julia fretted when she knew the con was on. She didn’t like too much ornamentation, apparently.

She’s a Welsh, not Greek. Go figure.
Well. There wasn’t any problem until…

It’s, it’s common practice, indeed every union has what it refers to as a … slush fund…

Oh. And where does that money come from? Um, Julia Gillard is the person who used the term “slush fund”, slush funds syphoned in to an account she set up no less.
BTW, common practice doesn’t necessarily equate to “nothing wrong”.

And then, hmm, Julia was pissed at some reno work?

The only reason she was pissed was that those dumbass builders failed to give her the means to cover it up right… And she was likely super-pissed at some Con turning her place into to some kind of obvious-as-dogs-balls cheap-ass looking mafia, Underbelly, tacky ass shit palace that could come back to bite her in the ass should she ever succeed in politics.

Some dickhead who wasn’t in enough on the game, went and stupidly forwarded AWU receipts to the actual AWU!

And then…

  1. I take your point, and agree with the thrust, but interlinear reading (and the phrase “reading between the lines”) has a history over two millennia older than that of the USSR.

    • *___*

    • *popularised by* !!!

    • Sorry. But that’s just scurrilous.

        • J.M. Heinrichs
        • August 23rd, 2012

        It’s just Greeks being Greeks; plus they practiced ‘ostracism’, in public.


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