Them’s fightin’ words, Julia… allegedly

First, she has allegedly gone an accused alleged bloggers, who in the most part are allegedly just people with alleged day jobs and a bit of alleged passion and concern, of “gender-based” attacks.

Yep. Allegedly that’s OK. But what does “gender based attacks” even allegedly mean? And JFTR, when was the last time before this week anyone had allegedly heard the word, “scurrilous”? Is the next Pirates of the Caribbean going to be, in alleged fact, “Pirates of the alleged water cooler at the alleged Parliament House”?

Whatever that allegedly means, something’s got the allegedly so-called shagger Thomson all allegedly fired up again… allegedly.

CRAIG Thomson has declared Fair Work Australia is living in “a dream land” if it attempts to prosecute him over union rorts…

And then, this… after all.

JULIA Gillard admitted to law firm Slater & Gordon during an internal probe that she should have opened a file for the controversial legal work that she had done for her then client and boyfriend, union boss Bruce Wilson.

Standard practice would require a file being opened lest one want to defraud their own law firm… hypothetically speaking, of course, but not allegedly.

Allegedly, Gillard and her alleged Co. have had an alleged Pow Wow allegedly over the alleged night and might allegedly come out today, allegedly Wednesday, with their metaphorical alleged gloves allegedly off.

Sorry, can’t print that quote. You know, allegations and all.

PS Andrew Bolt, I love your work but you were too harsh on Larry Pickering.

  1. Now Bruce Wilson has “savaged the internet bloggers and others who he claimed were ‘frothing at the mouth like rabid dogs’.”
    ““The reason why I don’t want to say anything is there are some people—some people in the media—nothing I say is going to stop these people,’ he said.”
    As one of those rabid dogs, perhaps, nothing he’s said so far—certainly not a silly, circular, self-fulfilling prophecy—is enough to stop me seeking the truth.

    • Nothing he says? Oh, I can think of a couple of things that’d have me take a nap…

  2. Something must be going on. Apart from Bolta’s extraordinary 12:15am post, he hasn’t done his usual crack o’ dawn lead. Who knows? Perhaps he discovered the wonders of McDonald’s sausage egg mcmuffins.

    I’ve got 10 bucks riding on today’s outcome…

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