The government didn’t make it better for me. Wat do?

Regular readers may be aware that I recently quit my job.

It was quite a firestorm at the time, but now that the situation has settled down, and the rain has returned (quite literally; it’s pouring outside), the opportunity presents itself to reflect back on the events.

I was in a government job, as an ESL teacher at a public elementary school. I really love teaching ESL, and was, generally speaking, quite happy and content.

However, there was a splinter in the back of mind, scratching and gnawing away.

I won’t pretend to take the perceived moral high ground. All chips felled, I wanted more money and a better place to live.

I’d reached the top pay scale where I was at a while back, and because of the global financial crisis and the Eurozone crisis etc. etc., those pay scales hadn’t been adjusted upwards in over five years.

It would be a little deceptive, also, to argue that I hated having to sit at “work” for up to a little more than four hours doing nothing yet being paid because it was taxpayer money going into my bank account each month. More to the point, I hated it, grew to hate it, because I wanted to sit there and do nothing in front of the plasma on the spaceship sofa with a nice cold drink in my hand.

But I digress. I wanted more money, and the government wasn’t gonna pay any more for the party.

(Plus I hated so much of the bullshit “work” I had to do that benefited no-one, lest a student, except some other pencil-pushing bureaucrat helping make an Everest of useless paperwork.)

So I quit, and started working for myself. Now I pay my own taxes, pay my own healthcare, pay for my own apartment (the old one was provided free but, you know, you get what you pay for)… everything.

OK, so not just my own. After all, lady bingbing is more a fan of Prada than Target (but to be fair, she makes some pretty decent money herself).

The point is, rather than relying on the government to help me out, I helped myself out. I now make more money, have more opportunity, much nicer digs, no-one telling me what to do (except LBB, 😛 ), and because I’m not wasting so much emotional energy on teaching kids (they can be a handful) as I now teach adults, there are two complimentary benefits that stem from that.

One, my skills as someone who’s not bad with the English language are being far better utilised and two, I don’t feel so emotionally drained any more and thus, can focus those feelings on a certain lady a bit more.

And now that Piers Morgan’s program (Steven Baldwin commenting on politics??? Really???) is about to finish, it’s back to the sofa with that nice, cold beer.

Is that bacon sitting there idle in the fridge?

  1. Sounds like you made the right decision then. Going to miss you at the November training in Masan.

    • There’s an excellent brauhaus that just re-opened in Daegu. From 12:30 until nine, excellent buffet and all the micro-brewed beer you can drink. Plus an awesome live band.

      • Mid September or so?

    • Sean of Deer Park
    • August 23rd, 2012

    Times like this you realise the saying “a change is as good as a holiday” is so true.

    Last night I had a hissy fit with the local ALP member and resigned from the local Neighbourhood Watch group. (I was writing their monthly newsletter for them and arranging advertisers, sponsors and the like.)

    Called the silly slag a Prima Donna and a bunch of other suitably descriptive terms and got a whole lot of angst of my chest. It felt very good. It will give me more time to help out at the local Traders Association (no Union Accounts involved). The poor bloke doing it now is my local pharmacist. He is so nice and people expect him to do too much. Dealing with local Councils is a drag at times, but its gotta be done. I’m actually looking forward to it in a way. Something different to do, new people to meet, and some shit like that.

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