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brb… Apple’s pyrrhic victory

So yesterday, they managed to squeeze about a bil outta Samsung. Hard for the poor sod getting his next power bill, but, of course, a bil is for an entity such as Samsung is… small fry. Even the $2.5 Apple wanted was what only meant to be a moral statement.

After all, Apple and Samsung just signed a, not 1, but 10 billion dollar deal for Samsung’s screen tech.

And good luck when Samsung and LG have all the LTE tech.

I see that latest lawsuits and the ongoing ones as an unfortunate hang-up weird-ass tribute to the late Steve Jobs; a genius indeed, who thought cancer could be treated with nuts and berries.

Who nonetheless declared “thermo-nuclear” war against Google and Samsung.


Am I ever gonna make a point?

Apple won that battle in the courts Friday, but everyone fucking hates their guts right now.

    • J.M. Heinrichs
    • August 29th, 2012

    Except that Apple is probably now in possession of several major LTE patents that Samsung needs …
    … hate Apple’s guts, they did the hard work, and are now forcing the rest to innovate, especially Samsung’s ‘glistening pebbles’ and ‘sounds of water’ metaphors.


    • My understanding is that LG and Samsung hold about two thirds of the LTE patents.

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