What if?

Man, I haven’t laughed so hard in ages.

What would happen if you tried to hit a baseball pitched at 90% the speed of light?

xkcd’s Randall Munroe does the math.

The answer turns out to be “a lot of things”, and they all happen very quickly, and it doesn’t end well for the batter (or the pitcher).

Other important need-to-know questions are answered such as how much Force power Yoda has. Turns out it’s about as much as a Smart Car…

The site’s in the blogroll under “What if?”

    • Sean of Deer Park
    • August 26th, 2012

    A shame first base doesn’t exist anymore and no-one is alive to see what happened. At least now we all know thanks to your informative link.

    In other News:
    Here’s an important announcement for voters.
    How do you know if you’re a Racist?

    Learn more here…

    • 😆 Very good.

      BTW, did you notice the brand name on the water cooler (2 min mark)?

        • Sean of Deer Park
        • August 26th, 2012


        No, I didn’t see that, Just watched again. Fantastic! Must be something in the water? Good call.

    • Sean of Deer Park
    • August 27th, 2012

    Michael Smith has his web site up now. Worth checking each day to see what he will make public about Gillard and her mob, that we haven’t already learned. (Thanks to Andrew Bolt for the reminder)


    Also, Pickering has put up Part VIII of his continuing saga.


    Now wipe that smile off your face, BB.

    • Carpe Jugulum
    • August 27th, 2012

    The what if? link for Yoda was brilliant 🙂

    Although the prequels would have upped his numbers a bit.

    • Look up star wars machete order. Thatss how I plan to lay it on LBB

      • J.M. Heinrichs
      • August 29th, 2012

      Nah, he overlooked the fact that Yoda was hamming it up, and thus concealing his true powers.


    • Sean of Deer Park
    • August 27th, 2012

    The club of sacked journo’s who have reported the AWU saga is growing. Derryn Hinch was sacked tonight. He has the highest rating Drive-Time radio spot in Australia. I wonder why?


    No doubt we will hear a lot more if it has anything at all to do with being PC in regard to Gillard. Hinch isn’t the type to go quietly.

      • Sean of Deer Park
      • August 27th, 2012

      Hinch says the decision was made in June. He says he will be on-air until December. Hopefully, now he knows his career is over anyway, he will continue in his tradition of being controversial. Perhaps he may like to pick up from where Michael Smith left off.

      I can just hear Hinch saying, “if I’m going down, I’m taking the PM with me. That’s life, and I’m Derryn Hinch”.


      • They sacked Hinch? For this Gillard crap?

  1. Too busy waiting for typhoon Bolevan

    The worst in 60 years. Unprecedented amounts of government warnings. Tape your windows even though it doesn’t do shit. No morning class.

    That dastardly climate change. Freak weather.

    300mm rain in this tough drought.


    A bit of drizzle.

      • Sean of Deer Park
      • August 28th, 2012

      The climate is changing alright, BB. But it’s not in terms of the weather (see my next comment soon, I haven’t written it yet 😆 ).

      Meanwhile, pop up an “Open Thread” if you’re not going to be about, stay inside out of the wet. Nothing worse than drizzle. I don’t mind a good storm, but drizzle is surely one of the most annoying of all weather conditions in my opinion.

      Hopefully you guys wont have a blackout. Stay dry. (Isn’t the idea of the tape on the windows to help stop small shards from flying around the room in the event of implosion? Safer, just a little bit?)

      Also, the safest place would be in your new computer cupboard. No windows you said. 😆

        • Sean of Deer Park
        • August 28th, 2012

        I just posted a comment and a message has come up “Your comment is awaiting Moderation”. Never seen that happen before? Too long maybe?

        • A bit odd. Ill have a look. And no, modern windows use safety glass. Tape does squat.

            • Sean of Deer Park
            • August 29th, 2012

            Are you still with us, BB. I hope you haven’t been blown away. It’s eerily quiet around here.

            • Yeah yeah.

    • Sean of Deer Park
    • August 28th, 2012

    The Unions in Australia are under attack. Not because anyone has made moves against them, but because the dumb political elite from the ALP, all with Union backgrounds, have exposed the Unions for the unsavoury organisations they actually are. The cat is out of the bag, so to speak.

    Today in Melbourne, the CFMEU has erupted into a frenzy of old style thuggery, in an attempt to bully a private building firm into making payments, under the guise of workplace “safety”. Sound familiar? Andrew Bolt has made the link, without making the link, in this story today at his blog:

    Whilst the CFMEU crows about “safe” workplaces, today its members embarked on an ugly campaign of violence and law breaking. The Supreme Court has again ordered them, this afternoon, away from Grocon work sites with a 50 Meter exclusion zone around each site. The question remains as to whether the Union will abide or ignore. Recent industrial action and legal threats were ignored over the Coles Warehouse dispute and the Ingham Chicken blockade in Melbourne. It seems when you are a Union, you can ignore the law.

    At today’s confrontation at MYER Melbourne, a court order was ignored which had banned the Union from disrupting what is a private company going about its day to day business. Police were defied, a hate campaign against “scabs” was exposed, horses were punched, capsicum spray was used. A senior of the CFMEU who incited the violence in the City earlier in the morning at MYER, got in his car and headed to Footscray. He had a fight with an employee at the Grocon site there and attempted to run him down with his car. Yet no-one has been charged for breaking any laws. Why?
    Check out the story here:

    CFMEU members are in breach of Supreme Court orders to not interfere with the MYER/Grocon site and various other projects, not just in Melbourne but also in Sydney and Brisbane.

    Union memberships are at an all time low. Gillard, Thomson and Shorten have inadvertently exposed them to the public as the foul mafia style organisations they truly are. Good. Its about time both Unions and the ALP were cleaned out and held accountable. They are desperate and are now retaliating to try to win back support from the brain dead fools who would continue to support the cause by paying for Union Memberships and voting for the ALP. Appealing to the animal instinct to fight. How low can you get?

    Gillard recently invited a respected Journalist to “join the dots”. I think the general public are already doing so, Julia. The temperature is rising throughout the Nation this week. Personally, I have had arguments with testy local ALP politicians on projects I have been involved in which resulted in my resignation from a couple of community groups. My crime was mentioning the local Liberal Party MP for some assistance. I have also had to delete a number of facebook “friends” who were close people from my past. The political climate has made friendships and working relationships untenable. Ms Gillard has successfully achieved a divide in our nation through her hopeless reign as prime minister (note no capital letters here, she does not deserve them).

    The ALP and the Unions are now fighting for survival. Whilst they continue down their current path of self destruction, I hope they die as a political force and are replaced by a more respectable structure in our democratic landscape. I have never seen a situation where the sentiment amongst the people socially has become so “us and them”. This is not what Australia is about.

    Today Larry Pickering was again suspended from facebook for seven days. Journalists seem to get sacked at the drop of a hat for doing their jobs and Freedom of Speech is under attack from a vengeful government that appears to have something to hide. Read about it here:

    We are witnessing a huge shift in social contentment and it seems their is one person to blame.

    Her name is Julia Gillard.

    • Superb comment. Pesky work thingy and other commitments have eaten up my time. Interesting watching this all play out.

    • Sean of Deer Park
    • August 31st, 2012

    Hi all, I am interested to know what you guys think about the “Asylum Seeker” drama here and abroad. Michael Smith has been posting links to a show he is participating in on SBS in Australia, “Go back to where you came from”. It has been very interesting although incredibly annoying because Catherine Denevy is in it. You can watch the series here:

    I posted the below response to one of Michael’s threads on his new web site: http://www.michaelsmithnews.com/
    At first my the comment was moderated and posted. After a while it was later removed. There is going to be a debate broadcast tonight on the issue which should be interesting.

    I know my view is somewhat harsh and perhaps controversial, but it is what I think at the moment. I am interested to know what others think. Am I being a warmonger? I dunno. Should I pull me head in or am I being reasonable?

    This seems like a good time to discuss this type of stuff, given 5 of our guys where killed in Afghanistan yesterday. Did they die for nothing? I hope not and I do not think so. War is cruel, everyone would agree on that point. But people suffering at the hands of tyrants seems to me an equally abhorrent situation. Was my comment here unreasonable? I’d like some advice from those I have learned to trust here at Bingbings Blog, which is why I am posting this here.

    My comment removed from Michael Smith News:

    “I decided to watch the show via Michael’s links yesterday and caught the third episode on SBS last night when it aired. I am glad I did. Rather than change my mind, it helped me reinforce, in my mind, the fact we need to “stop the boats” and protect our boarders. A very humbling look at the plight of some people in the world. Unfortunately, this has always been the case and I fear it always will be unless the people themselves are enabled to resolve their problems in their own Nations.

    The series was certainly slanted toward the “let them all in” mind set. It was on SBS after all. I am looking forward to the debate tonight. I hope it will be a rational debate.

    I was disappointed to see advertisements for Aid groups in ad breaks, because I didn’t see their assistance evident while the team was on the ground. For example, the family that walked 1km to get water found none in the tap at the UNHCR camp. This was followed by a “give money” appeal to the UNHCR, who proudly said “we provide shelter, food and water”. I am reluctant to donate money to these causes because it seems to me the money doesn’t get to where it is needed in the end. I didn’t see good “shelter, food and water”, even though the UN is heavily funded already.

    I don’t understand why the UN doesn’t have an easy way of identifying homeless children with no families, like the little guy Michael was so moved by. It made me cry. Why doesn’t an adoption program already exist to relocate these kids to other countries. Why is that so difficult?

    I don’t understand how “asylum seekers”, like those who made it to Melbourne, can leave their own families behind? If it where my family, I couldn’t leave them. The adult males, in particular, should be staying in their country of origin to help build or fight for a better future for the next generation. Not flee.

    We need to stop assisting people who run away and put the emphasis back on providing security to enable a better life for people who are being victimised in their own lands. That is what Armies do. Far better to deal with the cause of the problems in the long term than apply band-aides to old wounds, in my opinion.

    Putting more money into our military and less into charity is what will solve the problem. I know it is complicated and sounds harsh, but I think we all need to face this fact. The problem is not going to go away unless the perpetrators causing the conflicts are dealt with. “

      • Sean of Deer Park
      • August 31st, 2012

      I gotta say, I really respect this bloke, Michael Smith. Apart from the fact he is so personable and “they guy next door”, he has integrity and generally comes across as someone you’d like to have a beer with.

      I responded to his thread and he put my post up again. More power to him. If he were to be PM, he’d get my vote! The man is a typical thoughtful Australian. I’m sold.

      Please go to his site and have a read if you haven’t already. Very worthwhile.

      • What you need is a beer and a sleep in. Believe it or not, after you wake up, the issue will still be there. It wont have gone away in your sleep. Consider that as perhaps a good thing AND a bad thing. Relax. Enjoy the show. If it needs a nudge, you know the blogosphere will *cough*

          • Sean of Deer Park
          • September 1st, 2012

          You were so right! (Must be ESP)
          Big sleep in and beer.
          Feeling heaps better and ready for Father’s Day tomorrow.

          I’ll pop on some of your tunes whist cooking Chicken Risotto a bit later on. Think I’ll chill for a while with a DVD first.

    • mabba
    • August 31st, 2012

    Have been living under a rock for last week – have just caught up with the 2 typhoons in Korea this week – saw one line on tv earlier in week but have just gone online – looks very bad in places; worse than Yasi in N.Qld last year (no deaths there). So how has it been for you & LBB? – how are your apt, car, pets, relatives, friends, jobs, power supply, essential services? Hope sincerely that everyone & everything in your life has been ok.

    • All fine. No worries. The typhoons (there were two) hit west.

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