FNPM ampersand weekend open thread

Will rant in a bit. Better get the tunes up first, but… New Deadmau5 – a bit late, sorry – anyway…*

First up, blogging’s just tougher these days since we moved in to a new apartment, and I started with a completely different work schedule and environment. Old dogs, new tricks, something like that. I don’t have that four hours or so that I used to have at my old job whereby the classes would be finished, but I had to wait before I could go home, with nothing in front of me but a computer screen. Now when I’m not teaching, well…

Plus the computer is in that massive wardrobe room LBB set up, so for a few weeks there it was just too bloody hot. Not so much now, but it’s not like the old days where I could have the TV on, too, in the back or foreground.

And… new apartment = new rules. 1. No smoking inside. 2. Easy on the drinks during the week. For someone who would have been right at home in a 30’s news room, those two factors above all else have killed my will to be hunched over a keyboard.

Wireless headphones might help, but they won’t come until Christmas apparently.

And yes, technically one CAN blog from one’s phone, but jeez it’s a hassle. Commenting? OK. Actually blogging? Hrrrr.

BRB, ciggie and top up (see, sucks right?)

Stop. Start. Stop. Start. It’s as if before I was blogging on the freeway in mah 5.0 wit da rag top down, and now I’m blogging in peak hour traffic on a shitty little pink plastic tricycle.

(Man, that new album is good, though)

All right, political shit.

Not gonna start with Gillard this time round. Rather, what’s this shit I read in the West Australian about the WA govt. imposing even more punitive taxes on ciggies? Just fuck off already! It’s bloody ridiculous! 15 bucks for a pack of smokes, which might kill you after 50+ years of continued use is a crock. Period.

Hypertension from seeing my hard-earned money siphoned away before I even get to see it, only to see it wasted on green blunders will surely kill me faster.

And the biggest problem is, is that these Asian governments STILL see the West as the best. For example, the Korean govt. has banned smoking on the streets in certain parts of Seoul and are moving to ban shit like “mild”, “light” etc on ciggie packs.

A slippery slope. They don’t even get that when the govt. gets too draconian with smokes and booze, then the drug dealers move in. Fucking morons.

Read that last par again. It’s important.

Seriously, in Australia, why even bother with a 15 buck pack of smokes that you can’t smoke anywhere anyway? Or booze that Kevni taxed the fuck out of? Much easier to buy some weed, a few pills…

Stupid fucking governments trying to control shit.

FFS, on my honeymoon, when my cheap Asian ciggies ran out, I needed to by a pack or two from the Night Owl. Now trying to be somewhat responsible, I opted for a low tar pack. BUT THEY DON’T EVEN PUT THE TAR OR MILLGRAM INFO ON THE PACKS ANYMORE!!!

All I can say, is that I used to be pro-decrimilisation of illegal drugs, but now I’m not so sure. Decrim would lead to legalisation, and that would lead to the pig’s anus we have to deal with now with a smoke and a beer.

And BOTH sides of govt are to blame for this ridiculous mess we’re in now.

How the fuck is that democracy?

If a beer and a smoke means I can chill and not wanna – arrrgggghhh – then back the fuck off!

(BRB. Damn new apartment rules and no bloody wireless headphones coz this song is good)

OK. Where were we? Lucky for some a new mellow deadmau5 track just hit.

I think God got it mixed up with me and my dad. He was certainly born before his time, and would have thrived (tech geek) had he been born when I was. And vice versa.

Speaking of thriving, I’m actually making more money than I used to, with more autonomy and flexiblity, and yet LBB is more stressed becaused I’m off the 9-5 grid, so to speak. The money rolls in, but not in one big predictable hit.

Ho hum.

After all this ranting, it seems a bit … quiet… to mention the boats, the GROCOM union thugs, the debt, Cubby Station, and the fact that unlike the US and Korea, we don’t get no election to clear the air before the new year.

That’s the worst part of all this shit isn’t it? Rumours of an early election aside, we bloody have to wait more than a goddamn year before we can turf this destructive incompetent mess out.

Well, they had to wait almost four years and 5 trillion for Obama, and in Korea, a full five years.

Speaking of waiting, us F1 fans had to wait the entire summer holiday (August), AND the entire Olympics with no F1 help, until last Sunday’s race at the magnificent Spa-Francochamps.

What a superlative circuit! If nothing else, Korea, lay down some astroturf and make the shit look pretty on Camera. FFS, it’s not rocket science! The Korean circuit looks horrible, and looks pretty bad even on TV even, even after they’ve plucked out the best camera angles etc.

That’s enough evens, right?

That’s the thing. The actual infrastructure there is spot on. They just haven’t grasped the concept of mowing the lawn. What lawn? We all live in a concrete jungle.

Just google “astroturf”, exclude any references to David Axelrod, and thank me later.

What else? Well the mix finished. Romney’s ahead. msnbc is running bogus headlines against Gina – they claim she “LAUDS” 2 buck a day pay… um… many of the new songs came off the Mau5′ (Professor) Meowingtons (that’s his cat) Hax tour live mix, so why not, in the context of the best the internet can find of his latest sep 25 release, revisit those tracks in an actual proper release.

*No, not the actual album per se but shit he’s put on soundclound etc, the order should be close to the final release, and it’s only missing “Telecomminications”.

Sorry… blame Will Ferrell

Thank Sean for that one.

Meh. Might as well…


listening to death magnetic… how the fuck theynput all that shit together?

Studio i can understand with the shit lars does, but its gotta be a killar live

    • Sean of Deer Park
    • September 8th, 2012

    New Mau5 sounds good. Glad to hear you’re doing okay. Gillard is still a cow and a packet of PJ 30’s cost $18 in Melbourne.
    Life’s good.

    • 18. fuck me. It’s like some kind of perversion on a perfectly decent teen porno site.

      Man, if you don’t mind, I’m chucking up that libertarian pic from fb

    • minicapt
    • September 10th, 2012



    • Now if we just let the organisers of the Korean F1 know. A bit of green green grass would go a long way on that circuit, especially for the worldwide TV audience.

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