Feel that burn, David Marr.

The man is merely relevant insofar as a case in point on how far the Left will stoop to defend their indefensible record.

The general narrative perpetuated again with clearly debunked “Marrist claims, is that Opposition Leader Tony Abbott is a sexist, thuggish brute.

(He didn’t punch any walls so get over it.” But read this, and seriously, who would blame him if he had?)

Of course, it’s actually the opposite which is closer to the truth. The man is surrounded by women, and powerful women at that.

He saves people’s lives in his free time, either as a surf life saver, or in his capacity as a yearly hands-on volunteer in some of Australia’s most vulnerable Indigenous communities.

He was clopped over the head with a woman’s clog once. And I suppose if you want to label him sexist, well then maybe he is so, because he refrained from hitting back because she was a woman.

The crap he had to deal with back in his day as president of Sydney Uni’s Student Representative council, as detailed in the link, well, it makes one admire that he had the strength to carry on.

Many lesser men would have given up.

But back to David Marr. Could the man be any more base? Fact-less innuendo, smears, not poor, but I would argue deliberately misleading research being passed off as journalism; the man has no morals and no soul.

Disgusting, and with his I-am-better-than-you attitude to boot, the faster than man is relegated to the dustbin of discourse, the better.

You know, it actually makes a blogger like me a bit mad; that that parasite can get so much attention and the rest of us pleb commentators receive little, essentially none.

And it’s no use saying, öh vell”.

Oh well.

It’s plainly obvious there’s a pretty big war going on between the big boys in town. And not the usual shenanigans. It’s something big. It has been for a while, and those on the Left – Gillard, Swan, Chris Murphy, Marred David,the lot of them – have steadily become nastier and nastier.

And what has that fueled? Unions thugs running down people in cars, and then suing the Opposition leader for insinuating they’re thugs.

A pox on this nation. Sure, it’s not as if modern Australia came down like manna from heaven, but it’s 2012, and enough already of this hell.

    • Sean of Deer Park
    • September 12th, 2012

    I did meet the pompous old twat once in the Nineties, in a night club. I don’t really remember exactly what we were discussing at the time. Political shit of a varying nature. It was late and my mates and I were well settled and hardly in the mood for his lectures.

    I do remember, Marr, leaning up against the wall, arms folded, moaning and whinging about all matters Howard. After about five minutes of putting up with his bullshit, I told David to “fuck off” because he was being such a downer. He put on his best impression of a cat’s bum and minced off with a hiss. Maybe I should have punched the wall beside his head? All hell would have broken loose, apparently. 😆

    Not a very happy person, the poor old petal. My mate, Russell, said to me “God; what a drama queen”. Couldn’t of said it better myself.

    One day, remind me to tell you a story about Catherine Deveny, also at the same night club. That girl sure knows crazy!

    • Deveny? Now, now, now!

      And tell us what you told me about Julia and the elevator.

      • Is it still “lift”in Australia?

        As for both of them? Guess us plebs aren’t gay enough, preposterous enough, offended enough, libellous enough… Calling a spade a spade a spade will pretty much get you nowhere in Aussie word warfare these days, it seems.

        That said, read Blair for the first time in over a week last night, and the man is – how does he keep it up??? – funny as.

  1. And I still think Bolta has been too harsh on Larry. Reeks of protecting News. Ltd., and sometimes – and I love him so whatevs – the bloke comes off as being a bit too sanctimonious.

    It’s all moot. And a bit hard to swallow with Korea and the US both getting to decide before Christmas but we have to wait what seems an eon.

    Oh for the good ol’ days of conservative government and violent lefty ferals protesting all the time.

    Rod Quantok, many are doing everything they can so that Cap’t Snooze may wake again!

    • Sean of Deer Park
    • September 14th, 2012

    Okay. Deveny is in the news again today.

    In my opinion, and from personal experience, the women is absolute nuts. I said to BingBing he should invest in a nurf gun, so he could watch Q&A, I was proved right after watching Deveny’s performance on the latest episode; I didn’t know she was scheduled to appear. The content is a whole other world of topic, so we wont go there. Instead, I will respond to what I think of this particular individual from my own experience.

    Catherine Deveny is one unhinged person, IMO. I referred above that the girl “knows crazy”. I stand by that statement. BingBing said, “now, now, now”. I thought it not important at the time and thought I’d be just be gossiping, so left it for a more appropriate time. As the God’s would have it, the time is here already. Do read on for my personal insight into the strange world of Catherine Deveny.

    A Night with Crazy Catherine:
    It was late at 3Faces Night Club in Melbourne, around 2am. The crowd had cleared, as it was a weeknight. I was with a couple of mates and my bf, about to leave the club and head home before work the next day.

    Sitting at a table near the bar, a woman had entered the club. She was loud and boisterous, making sure everyone knew she had arrived. “I’m here, I’m here”, she said. Behaving like an autistic child as she spun around and around in circles toward us wearing a crazed gaze.

    “I love spinning around like that”, she said. Spinning, spinning still.
    “It gives me a buzz, twirling. What do you guys want to drink?”

    “Here’s trouble”, I thought and placed my order, as did the others.

    The woman went over to the bar an bought the drinks. I went over to assist her in bringing them to the table. The least I could do, at such a friendly gesture. Obviously we weren’t going home yet. Catherine introduced herself. Very friendly in an in-your-face kind of way.

    Catherine declared she was an entertainer, a comedian, and in training to be a writer. She was very excited. I must admit I thought her antics were very entertaining. So much so, I recall being very tired at work the next day.

    Rounds of drinks were had, Catherine was loud and happy. I can not fault the girl for her personalism in that regard. Very happy, yet very opinionated. It was like she wanted to antagonise us in a funny way. Offend you, without allowing any offence, as it was all just banter and not really serious.

    After a while, Catherine got serious. Was it the drink; Who can say?
    The conversation turned to her recollection of being in the womb of her mother.
    “I remember being born, do you?”, she asked.

    Others at the table looked uncomfortable and said, “erm, No”.

    Being a total arsehole I said, “Yes, I remember. It was all pink and soft and I could see light like when you put your hand up against a torch”.
    Catherine was impressed.

    “yeah! I like you”, she said.
    “I remember being in the womb”, Catherine was excited now.

    “People don’t believe me when I tell them!”, she said. Hmmm. Funny about that.

    My friends looked at me disapprovingly, as they knew I was ‘taking the piss’. I mean really, the bird was buying us drinks for cripes sake!

    Catherine was all over me from that point. “I really like you”, she said repeatedly. I found her one of those annoying people who paw all over you in a drunken state. I was over it, needless to say.

    Socially, Catherine is very entertaining. She is funny and has wit. Her antics are way out there to get a response, but I think it’s all a well orchestrated act to get attention. It has worked over the years but makes her look like an idiot. Whatever pays the bills, I suppose.

    Whatever. Catherine likes to get attention by being inappropriate and pissing people off. Don’t give her the satisfaction of being successful in her endeavours. It only makes her more popular, which is her aim.

    • Her, Marr. Sometimes you just gotta let ’em go.

      I’ve found that interesting about some writers. They just go for the most extreme shit you could possibly conceive or print and pretend that’s some kind of deranged enlightenment.

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