Why is female circumcision “bad” whilst male circumcision is “OK”?

You’ve read the latest news reports about female circumcision aka female genital mutilation in the press lately.

And to be sure, I abhor female genital mutilation.

And I abhor the protests in much of the Muslim world right now.

But is it really necessary to apply images of dirty, pedo, perverted, old Muslim men hacking into little girls with rusty old machetes in order to drive home the point that the instigators of those protests are bad guys?

No, of course that’s not what’s actually being written, but c’mon. It’s a bit of a booster for our outrage at the stuff going on in the ME. Everybody knows that.

Hence an ABC reporter is being mocked by the right for suggesting some sort of compromise; controlled circumcisions in hospitals.

To me, that’s an equally if not more abhorrent proposition, but, hey, and maybe I’m more sensitive to weird shit that’s “normal” in other cultures, but I see it as odd the arguments, boiled down, being used against female circumcision are conveniently ignored when it comes to male circumcision.

  • it hurts
  • it’s usually involuntary
  • it can cause medical issues
  • it reduces sensitivity, thus making the best thing out there less than what God/nature intended it to be
  • it’s pretty darn arcane, kind of like Burkas and slavery
  • before regular bathing was commonplace, circumcision was a practical option


So condemn female circumcision aka female genital mutilation as much as you like, but consider a few other things also.

    • Sean of Deer Park
    • September 14th, 2012

    Agreed. Leave the jewels alone. Like some American dude said, “don’t touch my junk”. Seems a reasonable ask to me.

    Did you see Michael Smiths thread today on this topic. A good read from someone who knows what she’s talking about.


    • minicapt
    • September 15th, 2012

    Nope, no logical comparison, and in some respects borderline stupidity is involved.


  1. MGM is still genital mutilation. The least we can do it leave the parts alone until adulthood and let men choose since it is attached to them not the parent or rabbi. http://www.drmomma.org/2011/04/male-and-female-circumcision.html

    • paul
    • October 19th, 2012

    IMHO majority agree with restrictions of long term changes to young bodies (male&/female) until at least they reach adulthood.

    As always the devil is in the detail.

    General issue quickly becomes complicated as discussion narrows to the actual body parts intended to be changed, where religious, cultural and health issues may also be muddied together and presented as reasoning.

    Restrict tattoos, piercings for other cosmetic additives ?

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