Yeah yeah yeah; FNPM

JFTR… again

Now this next one… It had to be explained tonight that it actually isn’t about beating up your woman, it’s about heroin, scoring heroin, and how nasty that gunk is.

And yet, I still had to log in to youtube, bypass saftey mode… It’s like how they took down that crappy Mohammed video from Egyptian YouTube. I know google’s trying to be responsible, so I wont go too hard, but git git git the fooook out of it already!

And, you know, this one time at band camp, I found out Zombie Nation isn’t actually about zombies, per se.

Imagine this shit blasting out of Apaches over Cairo’s main square.

Or a massive aircraft carrier, updated with 1000 harrier jet engines, just floating there above Cairo, with lasers, Deadmau5, and massive “lasers” and projector screens, more subs than jet engines… man, that would be so cool.


  1. A little bit of old school.

    • minicapt
    • September 15th, 2012


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