Getting an 8yo girl to call for Jihad and Sharia probably isn’t exactly what Australia needs right now

Via Larry Pickering, the irresponsibility of some people is astounding and quite worrisome.

“Out of the mouths of babes…”

Having and 8yo call for global Jihad and the introduction of a pan-Islamic Caliphate upon all people’s of Earth is hardly the kind of talk we need in free(ish), democratic Australia. And yet this is exactly what happened in Bankstown, west of Sydney, recently.

One can’t help but worry the kind of sick indoctrination of innocent children to harbour views of “glorious” mass murder, as seen here happening in the Palestinian territories, is a cancer slowly spreading in Australia also.

And there’s more, this time via Michael Smith. A reader writes:

Thank you [Michael] for making us aware of the conference. We sat and watched, listened, to the call to arms by what I think is a terrorist organisation, a cult. The second last speaker called on all Muslim Australians to “throw the Australian Constitution in the bin”. He said from now on they (Muslim’s) should only recognise Sharia Law.

Meanwhile, I’m trying, really trying, to feel reassured (and the Islamic Council of Victoria deserves some credit on this one).

Mr Dandan said those people directly involved in Saturday’s running battles with police were “freelancers” – young, disaffected men allied to mosques and teaching centres outside the mainstream Muslim community.

“They are individuals who freelance from one place to another. If they are not being engaged they move on to another place. We haven’t engaged with these people and we need to,” Mr Dandan said.

“It’s our shortcoming. We have not really engaged with these individuals. It’s not about handing these people over to the authorities; that might drive them underground.

See? First you hear about actions such as the Sydney riots and little girls being used to spread a call for genocide being condemned by Muslim leaders, but then there’s that last line from the quote above. I’m sorry, but in Australia, if you know who the person is who is inciting race riots, using hate speech, indeed calling for the mass murder of others, then surely isn’t that something that you should be helping the police out with?

I’m no lawyer, but we do have laws addressing that kind of stuff, right (even if the cops sometimes choose not to use them such as after the disgraceful Australia Day race riot incited by one of PM Gillard’s staffers in an attempt to demonise Opposition Leader Tony Abbott [incidentally a strategy – the only strategy – Labor has been using for months, if not years])?

And I’m a little disappointed we read an investigation is being called for by Muslim leaders… into the police’s actions over the weekend. That’s hardly confidence inspiring.

Also disappointing is that if one has a look on Facebook and other Internet forums, it too often quickly descends yet again, somehow, into a slanging match between Leftists and Rightists. To be sure, there are plenty of issues the Left and the Right can fire shots at each other over; I’m just really disappointed that the riots occurring around the world and on home soil, too, is one of them. How is this a Left/Right issue?

Can everyone calm down, please? You’d hope so, and hope Muslims who adopted Australia as their new home stop listening to those hate preachers from the lands they desperately tried to escape from (it was an “escape”, right?).

    • Sean of Deer Park
    • September 18th, 2012

    G’day Bingsters,

    I see BingBing quoted some of what I said at Michael Smith News on Sunday. It was nice of Michael to turn my comment into a thread on Monday. I am glad people are being made aware of what is taking place.

    For those who haven’t read it all, here is the full version from Smith’s site:

    “Sean went to his mum’s place yesterday – read his account here.

    Geez, Michael. I went over to my Mums today. When I got there, she was on the Internet listening to the “live” feed on her pc. Thank you for making us aware of the conference. We sat and watched, listened, to the call to arms by what I think is a terrorist organisation, a cult. The second last speaker called on all Muslim Australians to “throw the Australian Constitution in the bin”. He said from now on they (Muslim’s) should only recognise Sharia Law. Later, a fellow of African descent pleaded as to what they needed to do from today; in Arabic. What on earth did he say? I am worried these extremists are about to embark on acts of terror in this Nation as we have never seen before. I can’t believe Gillard is not on the News condemning this violence in Sydney and stating we will not tolerate this behavior in any form. It is time for all us Aussies to stand up and show these “nut-jobs” we are not going to accept their religious law in our country and we hold our Constitution dear to our hearts. We value freedom and will not let it go by a simple minority we were kind enough, silly enough, to allow on our shores. I talked to my 22 year old daughter today, who has not seen the News. She responded saying proudly, I don’t watch the News. I can not believe how dismissive the younger generation are, even though I have tried to instill the values of being informed as part of my parenting. I feel like the education system has been working against me all these years and part of the problem. The awakening of the younger generation is paramount to the realities of what we face today. Seriously, how could anyone not know what happened in Sydney yesterday? Obviously, I explained the seriousness of the situation to my daughter and hope she and her partner are now interested in what is going on. I am comfortable my two kids are now aware. I just wonder how many other people in Australia are unaware and complacent? Political Correctness has made us weak. I can only hope the majority of Australians are aware and ready to fight in every way they can. Talk to your families and friends, is my advice. Make sure they know what is happening and are ready to take on the hard questions. If they are not, our way of life will be threatened. That is not something I am prepared to let happen.”

    Terrible stuff, really. I know, and agree with BingBing, not all people should be tarnished with the same brush. We watch what is/has happened across the world with disbelief. The riots and killings taking place, all over a ‘Movie’ trailer for a production of Year 10 quality. ‘Attack of the killer tomatoes’ is worthy of an academy award for best picture compared to the silly ‘Movie’, screened once in Hollywood and online as a trailer since July. Why all the fuss now? Obviously, an excuse to call for an uprising across the world on very flimsy grounds.

    The call for caliphate will not work. The Muslim community is divided, both here and abroad. The West has had yet another wake-up call. The extremists have been successful in alerting the sane masses everywhere of their cause after the 9/11 anniversary. Not good for the local ‘moderate’ Muslims. It is good the ICV has distanced itself from the situation. The problem, of course, is the fact it only takes a few radical types to act on their threats of Jihad. This is what affects us all.

    Although the media is telling a story of solidarity between us and the wider Muslim community, it is alarming to hear this from Bernie Finn (Victoria State MP), who sent this message yesterday from his mobile phone; “A Muslim sheik has refused to rule out Sydney-like violence on the streets of Melbourne. Our Federal Government should prepare for mass deportations!”. I live in Bernie’s electorate and liaise with him often.

    We are also being warned to not hang around local shopping centre’s and only do what we need and then leave. Michael Smith had a good example of this today on his ‘AudioBoo’ announcement, he is not the only one saying such things.

    Australian’s shouldn’t have to live in conditions like this. The media (MSM) is trying to smooth things over to overt panic, which is understandable. But you have to wonder why we need to be warned in the first place if there is no problem.

    Today, Finn said; “The Australian Government should make it indisputably clear to all new-comers to our shores that we will not tolerate the sort of behaviour seen on Sydney’s streets on Saturday – and it should act to ensure we don’t!!”

    Quite so.

    This is a debate we have to have now before we consider allowing any more people into this country, especially with no passports or identification. People here espousing caliphate need to have their Visa’s cancelled and be sent home. The people who are guilty of sedition should be charged in accordance with our law. If we don’t address the issues harshly now, the problem will fester and become something we never want to see in Australia, ever.

    I find it hard to believe the parents of the children being used in Australia have been let off as being good parents by Child Services. The story I was going to link to about this has been removed by News.Com since I read it only 2 hours ago. It’s all about sending a message that allows the Muslim population to not be accountable for some in their own community. We are not doing them or ourselves any favours by doing this.

    The problem must be confronted by all of us to ensure the people inciting violence and Anti-Christian behaviour are dealt with by the law so we can continue being a nation people admire, not a nation to avoid. I will calm down when I know my government and authorities are working to make Australia safe for everyone who lives here, Christians, Muslims and everyone else. Today, I feel like they are ignoring the very real threat to our civilised way of life. Protests are planned in Melbourne for this weekend for insulting their Prophet. If we see more like what happened in Sydney I imagine…; well, let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

    • Was that you? Sweet!

        • Sean of Deer Park
        • September 19th, 2012

        Yep. I nearly spat my coffee out when I checked MSNC on Monday morning. 😆

        I got home an hour ago, listened to my phone messages (left it on the kitchen bench) and am listening to this podcast.
        If you missed Bolta and Price on 2GB this evening, make some time to have a listen. It was a good show and touched on heaps of the things you have been discussing today.

        • Will have a listen – just got back to the comp to check the usual suspects, er, Bolt and Blair – and won’t go on too much about how they’re called “mobile” phones.

    • The Wizard of WOZ
    • September 18th, 2012

    ‘The second last speaker called on all Muslim Australians to “throw the Australian Constitution in the bin”. He said from now on they (Muslim’s) should only recognise Sharia Law.’

    The sounds rather close to trying to organise an insurrection for my liking. Dont we have an army for these kinds of things?

      • The Wizard of WOZ
      • September 18th, 2012

      That*. Damn I miss perview…

    • Technically, an army doesn’t do that stuff. Maybe a national guard or militia. However, we have neither, of course. So that would mean it’s up to the cops.

        • J.M. Heinrichs
        • September 19th, 2012


        • I can’t recall seeing troops on the streets in Australia. It’s always the cops.

    • philjourdan
    • September 18th, 2012

    E.M. Smith has been doing a series of articles on Islam and the Koran. It is very educational. And also very saddening.

    Thus the abuse of this child is not surprising, even in Australia (actually especially in Australia).

      • Sean of Deer Park
      • September 19th, 2012

      Do you mean the guy who said this the other day?

      “Oh, and do a complete pruning of the Government Pension System. “Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Unfunded Pensions Have To Go!”…”

      If so, I will flag that site as a must read. Looks interesting. 😆

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