Labor’s dog-whistle politics vs the very real Gillard/AWU scandal (and the return of the VRWC)

You know, in some ways I’m surprised, but then again, I’m really not. This is in reference to the latest Newspoll putting Labor and the Coalition at 50/50.

OK, so the other polls still have Labor back in the doldrums, but anyway.

So, an explanation:

Part of it I would put down to the relentless, baseless smear campaign conducted on the Opposition Leader.

The latest was that he lashed out by punching some walls. No matter that it never happened. No matter that it’s an obvious lie. No matter that it’s an obvious lie based on bogus accounts of what didn’t happen more than 30 years ago when the bloke was a teenager.

The narrative got out that Tony Abbott punched at a woman.

Then that kind of baseless smear gets backed up with his “a woman’s virginity is her most sacred gift,” comment as if, therefore, the man’s personal sentiment is somehow going to change the laws like some Catholic South American leftist dictator would so that there would be no legal sex before marriage… punishable by circumcision one would imagine.

I mean, really. It’s dog whistle stuff.

Another big part, is that in times of crisis, nations do rally around their leaders. We saw this with Bush after 9/11. Having witnessed worldwide Islamic riots come to our very own shores, it is understandable that Aussies would rally around the PM, even if she hasn’t yet condemned the Sydney riots.

So for those three reasons, I believe that one poll is up.

But there’s also a fourth reason, unfortunately the most telling of all.

The most telling because it didn’t lead tonight’s news bulletin, did it? Was it even brought up? Did the ABC run anything? Did Fairfax, or the Canberra press gallery? Or, if anything was run at all, was there some more nonsense dished out that this very real, well documented scandal is somehow some kind of sinister Murdoch “hate media” plot?

A vast right wing conspiracy, if you will…

What am I on about? Well, that would be the very real Gillard/AWU/Slater&Gordon scandal… or in particular, the lack of reporting of it.

That’s where the real money is, over half a million of un-recovered funds to be exact, siphoned through bank accounts our PM admits she set up.

Entities such as Theiss and even the WA government were defrauded of hundreds of thousand of dollars, some of which went to renovate our PM’s house.

And all under the auspices of the “AWU Workplace Reform Association”, an association that Gillard herself has admitted on record was a slush fund, and that she set up.

Have a listen…

Ho hum. Another Vast Right Wing Conspiracy? Like the one that got Clinton?

    • Carpe Jugulum
    • September 18th, 2012

    I think the alp has made this too personal with their smear campaign. It didn’t work against Campbell Newman and it won’t wash with the general punter.

    Some people may say it it is imprudent to bring up the lieing slappers past or that it would descend into a mutually assured destruction. However, if the alp corruptocrats want to play in the mud then it should be a free for all. Bring up her having affairs with married men and ruining their wives and childrens lives, bring up her student days from the ASU when any man over 7 years was condidered a rapist and married women were considered whores.

    Lets focus on the relationship between nanny roxon and bill shortarse, or when shortarse abanded his pregnant wife to run off with the GG’s daughter.

    Of course lets us not forget shagger thompson and the clever thief who stole his phone, credit card, drivers licence, forged his signature to buy hookers and then returned the whole kit and kaboodle.

    No if the corruptocrats in the alp and their enablers in th fsm want to play, then i say escalate it to the Nth degree, fukm, they want a fight then give them one.

    Oh yes i finally got my mobile net connection fixed. It is good to be back.

    • Missed ya.

    • Carpe Jugulum
    • September 18th, 2012

    Trust me, Lady Jugs found me more insuffrable than usual without my blog fix 😉

    • Tell me about it…

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