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If your kid is fat, it’s not McDonald’s fault. It’s YOURS

Good idea? Yes?

Actually, no. McDonald’s and other fast food joints have been around since the 1950s, fat and salt quite a bit longer. And guess what? Back then kids by and large weren’t obese. Not in the 50s, 60s, 70s, and even arguably the 80s. If your kid is fat, it’s not McDonald’s fault, nor Pizza Hut’s, nor KFC’s. It’s YOUR fault.

If you choose to work more so you can afford that new computer, mobile phone, Gucci bag, flatscreen TV, and holiday to Paris all the meanwhile having no time to feed your kid properly, then that’s your choice. Fine. However that does not give you or Big Government the right to bugger up my trip down to McDonald’s to grab a burger.

As for ruining a day out with the kids giving them a treat at McDonald’s like that warning label would, I am so sick of this creeping nannystatism that we see on pretty much a daily basis. And that’s what that label is – nannystatism.

Everybody knows that McDonald’s does not constitute a proper meal, nor does it substitute a home-cooked meal. I’m sorry, but if you need a warning label on a Big Mac to tell you, “hey, go easy”, then obviously you are swimming in the shallow end of the gene pool and should either a) not breed or b) even better, kill yourself as you are clearly making no positive contribution to the human race – a negative one in fact.

It’s 2012. Everybody knows things like cigarettes can harm your health, and junk food too. But enough with all these pretentious warning labels, and their subsequent taxes. First it was on cigarettes, and now buzz killingtons are floating the idea like in the picture here replete with a “fat tax” to go along with it. Governments around the world have realised that enough people are stuck on stupid, and in some cases are now even taxing the air (carbon tax) to the sound of applause.

It’s ridiculous. The government should NOT be there to hold your hand and give you hand outs. Take responsibility for your own life, and quit pushing for all this nannystatism that is encroaching on mine!


Via Phil Jourdan in comments: “[R]esponsibility is the new 4 letter word.”

Indeed. Found this on Facebook, same place I found that original pic.

The death of a 407-pound woman after being denied boarding on three flights was “preventable,” according to an attorney for the woman’s husband, who plans to pursue legal action against three airlines.

My comment on Facebook then, and the same comment now.

407 pounds and that’s with only one leg. And they needed a sky crane. We all know what killed Vilma. Similar to what I was getting at in a post earlier, enough of this crap that stuff like this is someone else’s fault. It was her fault.

In fact, these airlines are private businesses and they have every right to refuse on board anyone they damn well please. A sky crane. Good grief. That all three airlines did what they could is testament to how much people do try to help others, even when those others can’t help themselves. A perfectly decent line must be drawn far before someone like Vilma is anywhere near crossing it. Heck, if I’ve had a few drinks, I can’t get on board. What next? Greenpeace sues because Qantas couldn’t accommodate a blue whale???


Rough week. TGIG

Bit rough, eh? ;-)*

For sure, we all know about the AWU nonsense, so there’s no need to go on about that tonight. But I hope everyone’s aware of Gillard’s latest time warp to the Dark Ages proposal. (thanks, Bolta).

Attorney-General Nicola Roxon’s proposed changes massively expand the list of characteristics people can be offended by, expanding the jurisdiction into shops, workplaces and sporting clubs.

The regime will provide a new weapon in the war on free speech by even including “political opinion” as a ground on which people can be discriminated against.

This extraordinary change makes even innocuous political expressions subject to the law – a person need only be offended or insulted in order to make out a claim. Shop owners displaying signs in support of a political candidate may now be legally discriminating against employees who want the other guy to win…

Not only do the changes represent an extraordinary attack on freedom of speech, they also undermine fundamental legal principles derived from 800 years of common law. They would reverse the onus of proof, forcing employers to prove that they are innocent of discrimination.

Saw that yesterday. Make of that what you will.

Um, what else? Oh, the Israel/Palestine thing. Well, Israel says they’re happy, so let’s not worry about the 12 Hamas rockets fired into Israel since the ceasefire, nor their thanking of Iran… the guys who supplied those fancy rockets that could and did hit Tel Aviv.

Anyway, enough. Music.

Infected Mushroom. Arguably one of the best EDM acts on the planet, and perhaps the best out of Israel.

*what? TGIG? Thank God it’s good.


No, not the bloody pic, the bloody week. I had a good week. Sorry, I mixed metaphors with that Roxon/Gillard pic. Very messy. Sorry. Please try and enjoy the music and/or comment… I need another drink and a smoke.

Carry on.

Friday Night pour me a bath, Tim… er, don’t… music

Double standards. That’s the nice way to put it, right?

Cuckolded former hairdresser and now couch aficionado, Tim von Gillard, is something to celebrate, all the while as we slam Tony for being a dis-empowering, sexist, married-with-three daughters-misogynist, who supports his lesbian sister’s entrance into politics – on a Right of Centre ticket, no less.

Tony’s deputy is Julie Bishop.

Julia’s is Wayne Swan.

Do the math.

Tut tut, Israel. Even as Iranian-made Palestinian rockets now reach the capital city – Tel Aviv – Tel Aviv being the capital of the only bona fide, stable democracy in the ME… Never mind the Pally arsenals stored in schools or residential areas.

Nevermind a PM who is complicit in the theft of millions of dollars from Australian workers and companies. Nevermind she was pissed off when “Con the builder” made some of her manna-from-heaven funded renovations look like her house was made from ancient Greek chewing gum. Instead, better take the heat off that, so let’s bash the absolute easiest target: the Catholic Church.

Necessary, yes. But the timing is too convenient for words.

It is Gillard’s only, and last, desperate card to play; the kiddy fiddler card. And play it hard, with no less than a Royal Commission.

All in, as they say in Poker.

Anything to hold on to power, even using an excuse which no-one can deny.

And it worked, and it works. It’s not something that can be ignored.

Sure, that shit needs to be investigated, but equally important, is a proper investigation into the dealings, subsequent cover-ups, and indeed character of our PM.

Is Australia really that incapable of holding two Royal Commissions concurrently?

Guess who hopes so.

Indeed, by bringing up the kiddy RC now, it almost trivializes it, when the story that was being prized open was another.

In fact, by trying to protect her own position, Gillard may well have compromised justice for thousands, tens of thousands, of Australian kids.

Essentially, effectively, sexually abused Australian children have been fronted up as a political football, a diversion even, by an unmarried, childless PM who knows little more than how to sharpen a knife.

Friday Night Romney Music

A few excerpts from facebook…

So if we do start running our cities on pedal power or whatever, mandate soybean ink, organic crops, all that, can we expect Julia or Obi to come out one day and declare the planet saved?

No matter what is done, the planet will never be saved, such is the politics of the situation.

How much butthurt are Romney and Republicans feeling today? Not as much as Al Gore and Democrats felt 12 beautiful years ago, haha! Lulz. Folks are still mad about that one. In a week, or even less, not even Republicans will give a shit about Mitt.

Just as the Democratic Party doesn’t need to pander to the more rabid elements of the Left, nor does the GOP need to pander so much to the Religious Right. Instead they should move further to the centre; get more women, non-whites, and Libertarians out front. After all, there are plenty of them in GOP ranks. Also, concentrate more on individual rights.

Was feeling a bit butthurt at the time…

I’m white, male, middle class, and I believe in God. I’m not gay, I don’t do drugs, and I’m not on any kind of welfare. I went to a private school, and am university educated. I’m not a vegetarian. I like meat, processed food, fast food, and GM crops. Organic food is shite. Oil is a good thing, and I love cars, planes, and fast trains. I like nuclear power, and I like coal. I think “saving the planet” is a fool’s errand. I like the West, and I love capitalism. I don’t believe in welfare, nor big government. TV is a wonderful thing, but lament the socialist crap I see on it so often. I like money, and I like banks. I also like cigarettes and alcohol … and cats, especially when I’m drunk. All in all, yep, I’m “that guy”. You mad, bro?

Yeah. In Australia, you might as well smoke weed considering the price of cigs, and the fact booze is only in bottle shops, shops that close early. Smokes here are $2.50 and 20% alcohol soju is less than $1.50 at any shop and $3 at restaurants. Coming home? Not yet!

Oops, shizzle. Nearly forgot the muzak.

Damned updates!

The first four minutes make me envy the Roman vomitariums, but after that, after a …

Open thread

Yeah well. Sit back.

So yeah. Got some totally bogan apartment slippers. In a sense, kinda like ugh boots used to be. Until an American company ripped them off, started producing them in China with fake wool, and then had the hide to sue the Australians. To a certain degree, come Tuesday, you’ll get the president you deserve, America. Meanwhile Aussies will enjoy the Melbourne Cup.

Meanwhile, how is this in any concept the PM we deserved?!?!?

Meh. Gillard sucks bricks. Whatever.

My own family would protest…

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