Face it, Melbourne, you need another dam

Brisbane’s beautiful Wivenhoe Dam

Was taking a look at Andrew Bolt’s latest round-up of Australia’s part-time, 180K/year climate commissar, paleontologist Tim Flannery.

You know, how his fear-mongering predictions about permanent drought and rains that would never fill our dams and rivers were so utterly wrong.

Anyway, what really cought my eye was the table Bolta put up a little ways down in that post.

I’m from Brisbane originally, and he’s from Melbourne, so I took a quick look at the two.

Brisbane has water storage capacity of about 2.2 million megalitres.

Melbourne has a capacity of only about 1.8 million megalitres.

Brisbane’s dams are about 90% full.

Melbourne’s dams are only at around 80% (and that’s being generous).

And yet, flick over to Wikipedia, and Melborne has a population of about 4.2 million.

Brisbane? Only 2.2 million.

Start doing some back of the envelope math, and it’s beyond obvious that Melbourne has far less water per person than Brisbane.

With dams at 100% capacity, Brisbane has enough for about 1 megalitre per person.

Melbourne at full capacity can can barely manage about 40% per person compared to what Brisbane gets.

Look at actual current capacity, and the numbers get even worse.

Currently, Brisbane can manage about 900 kilolitres per person.

Melbourne? A mere 330 kilolitres per person – barely over a third.

Now back when it was a bit dry, even Brisbane had to do it tough. Sure, no ridiculous buckets in the shower, but the only way Mum could keep her modest garden well watered, was thanks to Dad installing two water tanks in the back yard. Otherwise, Mum might as well have gotten some sand and desert rocks.

And folks in Bris Vegas still can’t use water like it’s endless. But, crikey, you guys in Melbourne currently have only around a third of the water per person as they do in Brisbane.

That’s nuts.

Long story short, it’s time to put the propaganda aside, and build another bloody dam, Melbourne.

It won’t be the end of nature. Heck, the habitat around Brisbane’s Wivenhoe dam is gorgeous. Nature is resilient. Nature adapts. Nature tends to like water.

How high can one hope, though? The Victorian premier seems about as non envirotard liberal as Mitt Romney smoking a joint at a John Lennon tribute concert.

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    • Sean of Deer Park
    • January 25th, 2013

    It gives us the shits. Have a look around the attached Map and you will see most dams are currently full. 100% even.


    Yet we are still on STAGE TWO water restrictions. Hello?

    What you have described above is the reason why, BB. Too many people and not enough resources. Agenda21 is working just as intended.

    The plan was to build a huge water catchment on the Mitchell River, but NOOOOOO. The Greenie’s and Labor turned it into a fucking park instead. We are paying for the Desal plant, even though it’s not turned on.

    But it’s okay. The local council’s have a water management strategy as part of Melbourne2030 (local speak for Agenda21). The Rate payers will fix it!

    Council staff have committed to drink less water (I kid you not). Infact Brimbank Council reduced their drinking consumption by 14% last year. Hoorah! Plus they are spending heaps putting in pipes and tanks on sports ovals or just ripping up the grass and laying astro-turf.


    • Fukn retarded.

      • Carpe Jugulum
      • January 31st, 2013

      I wish they had dammed the Mitchell river, it would have turned it into a mega fishing location.

    • mabba
    • January 28th, 2013

    Qld from Rocky down & Nth’n NSW really copping it- nothing to do with Wivenhoe- all creeks & river catchments going gangbusters – coastal rivers & suburban creeks raging torrents, trees down, once in a 100 yr stuff- (not so) mini tornadoes + king tides too- treking sth- Sydney copping it this arvo (100+ km/h winds, 300mL rain in short time)- treking all the way to NE Tas- Bris.R peaking at midnight tonight & tomorrow night- third of B’berg pop. sitting on rooftops- M’loolaba beach covered in foam- I’wich being evacuated- Lockyer valley devastated, but can’t get cameras in yet, Condamine R at Warwick rising 7m, woman at Gordon Pk felled by gum tree (was watching raging Kedron Brook)- the news is like a horror movie- started on Oz day, but really only picked up as news from today!!- are we surprised? Right now all seems calm, but the river (& thus creeks & drains) are supposed to go bananas tonight & tomorrow- some towns running out of supplies cos h’ways cut in several places- meanwhile we’re all dry & safe & I wonder if seeing (on TV) is really believing- also, the assessments, predictions & warnings keep changing- so I’ll go back to my viewing…

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