Friday Night Party Music

To whom it may concern,

Happy birthday! 🙂

Didn’t realise that idiot can’t mix, changed first vid, take 2.

    • Sean of Deer Park
    • February 1st, 2013

    Still listening to the first one. The first cross-fade was a car crash. 😆 Good tracks though. Most excellent selection you are posting now Bing. Can always rely on your good self for some quality entertainment.

    • There’s nothing I can handle less than a dj who can’t match beats. I skipped thru a few tracks, good, saw MOS, good, and posted. Then that horrendous first mix came up and I freaked. It was like, whaaaa? Did I open an other tab and let it start playing. Checked. Narrowed it down to one. Hit pause. Hit play again. Hory fuuuu. Quick! Change it!!!

      Tell ya what but, the “2nd 1st” mix I put up, memories are flooding back in. It’s anthem after anthem after anthem. Good call, mate.

      • After anthem, after anthem. It’s like the opposite of watching Piers Morgan do show after show after show after show on guns.

    • And thanks.

  1. Serious, man. If those first two mixes aren’t doing it…

  2. I sincerely hope these mixes are listened to in order… plus another mix I’ll put up in a couple of hours.

  3. I’ll bury this down a little bit in comments… there’s still no solution to the Korean war. All I can say is there is no exact why and there is no exact how. Very stubborn psyche.

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