Freedom of speech and freedom of the press is vitally important

The absolute best news is Roxon.

Talk about the $2 bil debt every month, the boats, the carbon tax, the freebies, the EU-tagged carbon price, the cuts, the massive cuts to the defense budget (not to mention p-ing off the US after they agreed to that Marine base in Darwin), the mining tax, Slipper, Thomson …


A BIG whatever, sure, but the absolute biggest threat was Roxon’s threat to free speech, free expression, and a free media.

Wants you to shut up

Mark those words.

Had free expression, speech and media been “suspended”…


Then give all of us an example whereby after cutting free speech and freedom of the press, it all worked out fine.


Hint: nope.

And be wary, very wary of that woman ever, ever returning to politics.

    • Merilyn
    • February 3rd, 2013

    Thinking of something? To right I am, this woman is as tough as nails, she was part of the “Handbag Gang”, and thought nothing of destroying those around her and the Labor Party that she thought could topple them in any way.

    So this nonsense of planning to retire twelve months ago is a straight out untruth, and yet they expect the people to swallow it. No there is a lot more to this then meets the eye.

    For goodness sakes, start telling the truth, for once in your lives.

    As for Rudd, this little twit really thinks he is still liked, but if he had an ounce of pride, he would have quit months ago after all the things that were said about him by his fellow Labor Party members.

    However, with his massive ego, he will continue on, and once again he will be back on channel 7 in the mornings.Yuck. [Note I don’t watch that show, what’s his name is a real turn off].

      • Carpe Jugulum
      • February 4th, 2013

      “what’s his name is a real turn off].”

      Yep – kochie, so lightweight even the powerpuff girls look butch.

        • Merilyn
        • February 5th, 2013

        Love that Carpe! lol.

          • Carpe Jugulum
          • February 7th, 2013

          🙂 my pleasure

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