Hard leftist cop killer

The MSM has dutifully omitted a few pages from cop killer and former cop Christopher Dorner’s manifesto.

Interesting how those few pages describe him as a hardcore lefty liberal Democrat.

Now imagine if he’d said anything about, oh, the TEA Party…  :-/


Flicked on CNN. They’re hunting for him in log cabins. Waste of time I say. Just get Obama to do a fundraiser in so-cal. That’ll bring him out.

    • PhilJourdan
    • February 12th, 2013

    The LAPD has never been know to be intelligent. They trained this guy and are now trying to use the same tactics to get him.

    That takes real intelligence.

  1. Yeah. It’s as if Howard predicted something like Julia would happen, and that’s why he took away our guns.

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