A spot of bass

No, not Chilean Sea Bass. The other bass.

Feel free to contribute. Tunes must be bass oriented.

D’oh… used to be able to play the last and the next. Ho hum.

Er, not quite as well as that. But damn these boys were good. It was high school. We were so fukn high on acid life, then when a mate’s mum came to pick us up… we’d been wandering round for something like two hours. Fuck she was pissed )off, not drunk). Got in the car, and those raindrops on the windows shadows going all over everywhere. Hot mum, too.

Remember this one. It’s from the “limited edition” Metallica Box Set which I was told by the advertisers would be gone in days. I was convinced. Told mum that it must be done, it must be bought… now. Unbeknown then, it was still on the shelves 10 years later. DVDs probably kicked it off. Regardless…

There was actually a lot of shit going on between Jas and the band back then. To alleviate it, Jas got his solo. He wanted more creative input but Lars and James were not going to have a bar of it. Lars became a wanker who sued Napster and James drank more every morning than I do on a good night. Gotta love history.

Can’t do a post about bass without including this puppy. That said, I know shit all about Les and Primus. Anyone?


That’s the thing with Ozzy. Totally F*cked, but put him in front of a microphone and F me dead, he’s good.

Good better best…

And a classic no less. And boy this one is fun to play.


The best. (not sure were it can go from here… but it will go)

All about when the beat kicks in, right?

Wrong (not often but sometimes). And here is that sometime. Song people might be familiar with…

This counts. Gives the subbies a workout.

Not bad? Hope so.

    • Sean of Deer Park
    • February 17th, 2013

    • Yessss!

      • I’ll have to bring back the house dealers.

      • Have this album. Used to work so well in the car, two ten inch aluminum subs.

        Suffer the children?

        Suffer the ears! And not just mine!

    • The biggest mistake people made/make was not getting the connections right. You can have the best shithot amps and speakers out there, but if you connect them with wrong guage wiring and anything less than gold soldering, then you just paid a lot of money for a shit working stereo.

      Also, preamp voltage. Must be 7 or, preferably, more.People still don’t know this basic stuff.

    • Sean of Deer Park
    • February 17th, 2013

    I know this is not in keeping, BUT I’m loving this… (turn it up!!!)

    Waiting, waiting, for the final 8 episodes of Breaking Bad to come out.

    • It’s on TV over here too. Bloody Robert Redford’s Sundance channel. Between home imrovement shows and killing myself, I’ve kept missing that one.

      Yet, in all seriousness, I”ve been meaning to watch it.

      But, yes. I’ll look at it tomorrow. Harshing my vibe and all that.

        • Sean of Deer Park
        • February 17th, 2013

        This is a must watch series. Watch from the start. You will love it. Better than Dexter! Go to your nearest torrent and download all Five seasons. Will keep you busy for a couple of weeks. 😆

        • Yep. That one, and Mad Men is another one that has been recommended. Obvious Leftist bent to filter out, but still…

          As for Dexter, was a bit disappointed with Season 7. Of course, the entire show is unrealistic, but 7 took that too far, and after such a long wait, honestly expected a better storyline.

          Am definitely enjoying the latest Spartacus, however. The plot has always been a bit thin, but the cinematography is something you just don’t get on TV all that often.

          Walking Dead is also popular, surely back home, too, but am yet to catch up on it.

          Meh, it’s moot at the moment. Am moving very soon, and most stuff is packed in boxes, including those fantastic terrabyte hard drives.

          Yes, moving back to LBB’s hometown (city). Will be an associate professor at one of their better colleges. 😛

          Would blog more, but am also trying to be more positive these days. And let’s face it, I think everyone is just waiting for September 14th. Sure, there are arguments to be made, but I think everyone’s mind is already made up, and we just want it all to be over.

          Sure, politics in other countries like the US is still tanking, but I really feel we’ve turned a corner in Oz, namely with Tony’s plan to develop the Top End with all those dams. The absolute best best best news I’ve heard in a long, long time.

          Finally, right?

          Finally a genuinely great, positive, and smart (in the true sense of the word) idea. And a necessary idea at that. Maybe he does know, but WOW! that plan has got at least this guy feeling great about the country again, and I suspect a lot (and I mean A LOT) of other people who had perhaps given up on any semblance of sanity returning to Australia (and the West). Finally a real case where we can claim we are really taking the lead, not like that idiotic carbon tax, and let’s hope it starts turning a similar corner in the US and other places, too!


    • Carpe Jugulum
    • February 18th, 2013

    Was going to post a tune – but, nah, i got nothing.

    Bing good to see you are moving up in the world, well done *golf clap*

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