John McTernan must surely be an Abbott plant

Because you couldn’t do a worse job of destroying Julia Gillard and Australian Labor if you tried.

At best, the PM’s drive-by of Rooty Hill was an absolute disaster. The private dinner with the look-alike mummy bloggers… looked bad.

LOL, it seems even Juliar is fed up with him, attacking 457 visas and all that. 🙄

    • Merilyn
    • March 10th, 2013

    Has anyone here read anything by these mummybloggers? No I haven’t, don’t even know who they are, just keep seeing remarks about them.

    • Na, haven’t read a thing by them either (and don’t think I want to).

      • Carpe Jugulum
      • March 10th, 2013

      North shore, well off, gillzilla clones with kids.

        • Merilyn
        • March 10th, 2013

        Oh that figures, thanks Carpe.

  1. Naaahhhh – it’s Jooolya, all the way. She doesn’t like having anyone close to her who shows signs of real intelligence.

      • The Wizard of WOZ
      • March 16th, 2013

      Blonde roots?

    • The Wizard of WOZ
    • March 16th, 2013

    I’m sure I could. I believe the Seppos call it a B46…

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