The best Eulogy to the dead despot Chavez that I’ve found

Too harsh? Well, the truth hurts.

The truth is that Chavez was a brutal despot who strutted the world stage basking in the international celebrity status he gained as a result of his anti-American rhetoric and relentless attacks on Britain.

He was a master of propaganda who deftly wooed the ‘useful idiots’ of the Left — to use the phrase Stalin applied to Britain’s Labour politicians and trade unionists — while clamping down on free speech in his own country, rigging the political system in his favour and presiding over a nation drowning in bloodshed and mired in poverty.

He befriended murderous tyrants such as Libya’s Colonel Gaddafi, used his country’s vast oil wealth to support terrorist groups such as Hezbollah in Lebanon and helped terrorist drug-runners in Colombia  whose products cause misery and death across the world.

    • red, white and blue
    • March 9th, 2013

    All the while he was amassing a 2 billion dollar fortune. That doesn’t sound like someone who is working for the poor. It sounds like someone working for himself.

    • Absolutely.

      So happy I had a dream the day before he died I shot him in the head, looked at his dead, corrupt leftist dictator corpse, piled up with garbage bags in the back yard.

      That Obama sent anyone to that overblown funeral is a travesty.

      PS Sean Penn? You can stay there. I hear the murder rate is worse than Baghdad, 160,000 per year. Maybe you’ll get lucky.

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