September 14

It feels like forever,

But surely you will arrive,

And then Australia,

Will again feel alive.


Oh disastrous wench,

The damage you’ve done,

More easily satiated,

When you’re on the back bench.


Those stupid glasses,

A cabinet of arses,

Couldn’t do a worse job if you tried,

All you do is run and hide.


And what hide she has,

What gall, what belligerence,

And come September 14,

(with any luck)

I’ll have a little dance.

    • Carpe Jugulum
    • March 10th, 2013

    You have a little dance and i’ll be doing cartwheels in the street.

    To see the end of the slapper, albosleazy, dancing emmo, maxwell swan, kevni, red undies conroy, shagger thomson and th4e rest of the corruptocrats will be a day of drunken celebration.

    • Well, being a Saturday, it’d be a day of drunken celebration anyway… but I get your point.

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