To worry about North Korea’s latest threats… or not

Worry? Essentially, no.

While outsiders are perplexed as the sudden increase in outrageous threats from North Korea, people inside the country are not. In the last few years life has gotten a lot worse. Starvation deaths, suicides, crime and divorces (official and otherwise) are way up. The North Korean leadership has less and less to work with. Their armed forces has been falling apart for two decades and little else works up there.

Hence, I and most of South Korea would be very surprised if the North actually went ahead with an all-out attack. They know they’d be finished if they did.

Makes for an interesting 30 seconds of news back home, though.

(Via JM)

    • paul
    • March 11th, 2013

    30 seconds longer than warning time Seoul may receive {:-O

    Whilst appears remain difficult for North Korea to attack South Korea without involving US and other allies, this depends upon which consequences seem relevant to North Korean government.

    Whilst people outside North Korea mostly aware likely consequences. those within the North Korean military and community may not be so well informed.

    When absent is public discussion, mistakes easily made.

  1. I would think you would be more worried that they bluster with a live missile, and it fails and falls on you.

    They re-made Red Dawn. With the stupidest plot ever – this time instead of a Soviet allied invasion, it was a North Korean one.

    Sometimes, classics should be left alone.

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