Sure, respect the office of PM (after Julia’s gone)

So there’s been this and that in the media lately about the, er, heckling of Julia Gillard.

Keep it civil and all that, ra ra ra, so they say.

Here’s the deal: The Office of PM has never really been that respected in Australia (it’s true, Bolta). After all, this is Australia. And good grief, Julia Gillard couldn’t have done a better job of getting that Office more despised than if she tried.

She tried hard.

It is truly difficult not to despise that woman who has done so much damage to Australia, not to mention her cabal that has done so much damage to the truly great powerful women in our country. Talking about the Gina Rineharts and the Julie Bishops. (TBH, talking about people like my mum, too.)

With any luck, this post will be irrelevant by Monday, what, with all those rumours of her (finally [too little, too late]) being dumped.

And perhaps those in the media who attempt to instill respect in our political leaders, perhaps they could acknowledge that it has become so vile towards Gillard for damn good reason.

(At least the DT has the right idea).

    • The Wizard of WOZ
    • March 16th, 2013

    At this point in time I’d just like to throw in my 2 cents worth.

    I use that phrase ironically as there was once a time when my collection of copper was worth something. (I was 5). I had a bundle of $2 notes.

    “I’m in Miami person…”

    As one would say if one were so inclined: This Gillard Bitch has got to go. Hey hey. Damn Ho.”

    While I am well aware that my personal choice of slogan shan’t wash with the welfare states (otherwise known as mexicans); screw the lot of them; I paid $350 tax last week.

    Trump that and we’ll talk.


    • The Wizard of WOZ
    • March 16th, 2013

    The steepest learning curve one ever has is the first week in a new job.

    As for respect: In 1999 I hated Lil JWH because triple J told me to.

    Then I got a real job and began thinking…

    I’m kinda partial to having a job that pays well because I’m good at it.

    Why should Dave get paid the same, even if he does less work?

    ‘With Golden soil, and wealth for toil’ and all that. Is not “Wealth for toil” the core of the Australian Dream?

    “‘Bust your guts mate and she’s all yours.'”

    I know entire families, not just my own, built on that one simple idea.

    Come here, work hard. You’re one of us. Thats what we do. Btw nice camel mate, what can you do we cant?

    It seems pretty simple to us from the first world, but if you come from a crap country, the life you would like your kids to live, after they get to Australia, is rolling in gold.

    In my time, the union only ever came to my workplace once.

    Short version is: ‘You’re getting paid what?’ ‘Serious?’ ‘Work hard, keep your mouth shut.’ How is that better for the working man?

    Honestly I only began to understand how a business really works less than 6 months ago. (Age 31)

    Unions will always have a place, because there will always be some rich wanker who rekons he’s better than his workers.

    This is Australia, and inshallah those men will have already been forgotten by the time anyone read this..

    But their place, and the place of those who have chosen the combat them, is not running our country. Not even close.

    God / The Great Spirit has blessed all of us. We live in Oz.

    We just need to make sure the bean counters dont fuck it up…

    • mabba
    • March 16th, 2013

    Fervently hope those rumours of beheading the Red are true – but only if somehow it means an election now – after all, she’s Tony’s best asset if we have to endure until 14 Sep. As for the meeja: they can do her slowly without breaking any rules, even Conroy’s draconian ones; she sure has made some powerful enemies.

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