Standing up whilst sitting down. An Aussie expat’s take on politics and such.

  1. So….you’re not going to be blogging Tizona any more? WTF?

    Gonna miss you. You were a big contributor there.

      • bingbing
      • January 5th, 2010

      Na. I’ll still be blogging there.

  2. Excellent. In any case, I’ll be reading your stuff both here and there, thanks to good old RSS.

  3. congratulations. one more to add to my reading list. 😉

    • Nikita
    • August 18th, 2011
  4. i dont know how to send u link which i think u would be interested in so I just post them here. here is the newest one…. http://img2-cdn.newser.com/story/126958/cern-substantially-revise-climate-models.html

    • LOL, just post in the latest climate thread or if one hasn’t been up in a while, just post in the latest thread with an O/T for “off topic”.

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