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Do the math

It seems the ALP isn’t much chop at it.

Riddle me this. With any budget surplus and carbon tax compo set to be tied to a hopeful EU carbon (dioxide) price of around $29 a ton, how’s it all going to work when it’s less than $5 a ton?

Carbon carking it

Just walk away already. How many more billions need to be wasted on useless gestures?

The world’s only global system of carbon trading, designed to give poor countries access to new green technologies, has “essentially collapsed”, jeopardising future flows of finance to the developing world.

Billions of dollars have been raised in the past seven years through the United Nations’ system to set up greenhouse gas-cutting projects, such as windfarms and solar panels, in poor nations. But the failure of governments to provide firm guarantees to continue with the system beyond this year has raised serious concerns over whether it can survive.

No worries. There’s another junket in Qatar this December.

Image H/T Craig Kelly MP, via reader Sean (on Facebook)


Australian taxpayers are funding a 21-strong delegation of bureaucrats from the Department of Climate Change to attend a UN “Climate Change Conference” in Bangkok, with all the departmental staff travelling bus
iness class.

This delegation follows a $360,000 trip for a 38-member delegation to last year’s UN “Climate Change Conference” in Mexico, where Climate Change Minister Mr. Combet, parliamentary secretary for Climate Change Mark Dreyfus, and their advisers all flew business class to exotic Cancun – which followed the then Rudd government spending nearly $1.5 million on travel and accommodation costs for his delegation of 68 to Copenhagen “Climate Change Conference”.

MEP Nigel Farage: break up the euro; let Greece go

Tsk, tsk, DSK… 62, ugly as sin, but didn’t know the bombshell was a pro

Ooookay then.

DISGRACED former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn was charged today with involvement in an organised vice ring that procured prostitutes for top-class clients, lawyers said.

All very James Bond isn’t it… or is it?

Overweight, old, ugly but apparently he “never had the least inkling that the women he met could have been prostitutes.”

Oh well, innocent until proven guilty and all that jazz.

But speaking of DSK, just what was a confirmed socialist doing running the IMF anyway? In a capitalist society, one would think the vehicle of last resort for sick economies would be run by someone more capitalist than Adam Smith.

Conservative speakers in Australia

Hey, I’m in Korea so can’t go and actually see these guys speak (the events are all sold out anyway), but here’s Mark Steyn on the radio with Alan Jones and below is the the clip of Daniel Hannan MEP speaking to the IPA.

The West is out of money, and yet we have naive do-gooders still wanting to spend trillions we simply don’t have on an imaginary problem we don’t have either – AKA man-made global warming.

Iran to EU: No oil for you!

Iran goes all pre-emptive. Sanctions against their oil exports to the EU were set to take effect in July, but Iran has becided to cut it off now, namely to Britain and France.

Meanwhile, little bombs here, little bombs there?

Riots in Greece; socialism at its best

Greece’s citizens, quite the socialists by nature, are having a hard time of it now that they’ve run out of other people’s money and the free, unsustainable goodies that come with it.

OK, OK, so they haven’t run out. They’ve just had to cut back on their privilaged, pampered lifestyle in order to secure another whopping $171bn €230bn of bailout money that’ll, let’s face it, probably be a waste of (other people’s) money.

Greece’s parliament has approved an austerity and debt-relief bill, crucial for the country to avoid bankruptcy and remain in the eurozone. Lawmakers voted today in favor of the bill that imposes harsh new austerity measures in return for a $171 billion new bailout agreement and related deal with private creditors to shave $132 billion off the country’s national debt. The vote occurred after extensive rioting and looting swept through the Greek capital.

There are some good piccies to go with that last link, too.

Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge:

[T]he question now is what the popular Greek response will be having learned its politicians sold it out yet again, which will likely be nothing much, as it is 1 am local time, and as everyone knows revolutions in heavily socialist countries only start between 9 am and 5 pm, with a 2 hour break for siesta.

Will likely be nothing much? A bit harsh. They did manage to get out of bed and riot because, you know, trashing your own country when it’s already broke is the obvious smart choice.

Related: click here to see in pictures who loaned Greece the money.


Athens’ Starbucks ablaze.

Another 18 months of FAIL

Tic toc, can we speed up the clock?

BILLIONAIRE Lindsay Fox believes the current leaders of governments all around the world will be thrown out of power in the next 18 months because of their failure to deal with the debt problems plaguing Europe and other developed economies.

In a wide-ranging interview ahead of being honoured at a gala event staged by the American Australian Association in Melbourne tonight, Mr Fox also said Julia Gillard was a “good person” with “good intentions”, but that Tony Abbott would make a “very good leader” of the nation.

Global warming forecast models essentially worthless

Walter Russell Mead explains:

To predict the amount of CO2 that human industry will be emitting in 2050, you need a figure for the world’s GDP by then. That means you have to have long range forecasts for China, India, South Africa, Russia, Brazil, Germany, the US, Canada and many other countries. Nobody has any forecasts of the 50 year GDP growth of any of these countries that is worth anything at all, because economic forecasting doesn’t work that way. (It hardly works at all, but certainly not on this long term basis.)

And then you have to forecast how much CO2 will be emitted per unit of GDP. That involves forecasting the rate and nature of technological change, the state and composition of world energy reserves in thirty years, and many other things which simply cannot be known by anybody living today.

An astrologer would throw up his hands in dismay at this sloppy reasoning and hazy science.

And yet Australia’s lone ranga, PM Julia Gillard, pushes on with her useless, expensive carbon dioxide tax. With any luck, she’ll be gone by Friday.


Almost a fifth of MP snub Julia’s BBQ. Ouch.

If you ran your budget like the government runs theirs…

How would it turn out?

Barnaby is Right aka The Blissful Ignoramus has taken a look for us, and was kind enough to let me share this simple yet to-the-point table.

Apples and oranges? You can’t compare because of blah blah blah?

Weeelll, Europe has done exactly the same yet on a much grander scale and just look how that’s turned out. The Euro economy is in a blender keeping company with a black hole.

So who’s right? Any person with half a brain or some economic gee-whizzes who as BIR puts it, are `the same “experts” who didn’t see the GFC coming.’

You know, it wasn’t so long ago – a few months? – we were talking about a $220 bil government debt and now it’s at $260.

Two bil a week, folks.

YIKES! :shock:

On that soccer riot in Egypt

Andrew Bolt puts it into perspective.


Where’s that global warming?


Europe shivered in some of the coldest temperatures seen in decades Wednesday as the death toll topped 80 and countries battled to clear snow from roads and railways.

Tell ya what. It was a bit bloody nippy here this morning, too. A balmy -8C to be pricise (according to my smartphone).

Andrew Bolt on Monday asked where all the warming had gone the past 15 years.

Ah! Climate change, you say. Yeah, but it hasn’t cooled much, either. In fact, looking at the graph in the above link, temperatures have been pretty static.

But bingers, you’re leading this post with news about record cold that’s killed <strike>80</strike> 83 people so far. Dudes and dudettes: decades doesn’t mean squat on a planet that’s 4.3 billion years old and to think that so many people think they are so self-important that their trace contribution to a trace gas can somehow…


Tim Blair the other day linked to a bloke – a Harvard physicist in case you’re wondering – who asked what historians will write about us when looking back at this ridiculous hysteria.

My two cents?

They’ll wonder how so many people could grow up – and I use that term loosely – having read tales such as Henny Penny and not see the connection.

Ho hum. As Zombie notes after reading an Ice Age doom and gloom book from the seventies, “The “solutions” prescribed to solve both Global Warming and the looming Ice Age are exactly the same.

Sometimes I wonder if we’re only a generation or two away from freaking out at solar eclipses again.

One more thing. It’s -8C here and almost a full 30C warmer in my hometown. And everybody’s doing fine despite the massive differential.


Lady bingbing tells me it was -24C (eek!) near the DMZ this morning. We’ll never know how many North Koreans perished overnight.

Seal showdown

Efforts by the EU to save the planet are resulting in emancipated seals.

It involves lawyers.

Horrified by mental images of baby seals being clubbed to death by merciless Inuit, the EU a while back banned all seal products being imported (even from countries states within the EU which technically means those products aren’t being “imported”… but anyway).

This earth-saving gesture did not only destroy one industry in Greenland – the baby seal clubbing industrial complex – but it also wrecked havoc on the fishing industry, a not so trivial pursuit for people who live on a freezing island with bugger all animals and bugger all in general… except fish.

And ice.

And I hope someone is sending them tartar sauce.

  • Not killing seals equals more seals which equals less fish.

Bad luck if you’re a tartar sauce magnate.

But where the Tabasco really starts to get pumped down the dickhole, is that the progressive EU has also signed various scraps of toilet paper affirming indigenous peoples’ rights (seriously, who the fuck isn’t indigenous on this planet?)

The Danish commonwealth (Denmark owns [the Danish own] Greenland’s arse*) is legally bound to protect, in essence, the baby seal clubbing industrial complex but it can’t because the idiots signed up to the EU which banned the baby seal clubbing industrial complex run by indigenous peoples whom the EU are also legally bound to protect, and by “protect”, we mean allowing those said Inuit to continue their time-honoured – sacred? – tradition of clubbing baby seals.

*Do you fucking get it yet???

You’d think the polar bears would just eat the seals, but remember, they are endangered.

And they can’t swim.

And not even polar bears want to live in Greenland.

Thus, efforts to save the planet have resulted in precisely… lawyers.

And people unemployed.

And starving baby seals.

And on this day, the planet did not give a single fuck.

Because it’s a planet. It’s a rock with shit growing and living on it. But a baby seal and a lawyer are not planets.

Or sentient.

Look, I “get” the warmy argument. Life is fragile. Most planets can’t possibly hope to support life.

We fart and all life will discontinue its existence here too.

Except is hasn’t in literally almost the entire 4.3 billion year existence of this planet.

You love nature? Nature is all powerful?


And be rest assured that if it needs to, it will wipe us all out and not a single lawyer or politician need apply for that job.

But life hasn’t been wiped out, and we are thriving better than ever.

I dunno – and let’s run with that mindset if only for a brief moment – maybe that’s Gaia actually telling us we’re doing a good job.

Or maybe, I dunno, we should be more concerned about a giant flaming speeding meteor (that’s what an asteroid is after it enters our airspace) than a fucking trace gas that occurs mostly naturally and is actually fucking essential to all life on this planet.

I digress.


Ditch the EU, club baby seals, airlift polar bears if you want to, and stop picking up soap in the world’s jail.

(Thanks to Nilk for the unintended, perhaps, inspiration)

*Chronic weather may be, but acute weather is not climate.*

In Spain the rain falls mostly in disdain

Spain was arguably the world’s leader in pushing for a Green economy. They’re the ones who have that gargantuan solar panel mirror thingy, for example.

So, how’s it all going?

The overall unemployment rate is in the mid-20s, industrial production and services activity have both cratered, construction indicators like cement consumption have been devastated after doubling between 1998 and 2007, retail is in a free fall, and export growth (most of which go to Europe) is falling is slowing.


Cant wait until July 1st when Aussie PM Julia Gillard’s carbon tax kicks in.

No worries. In case you missed it, living expenses are set to increase a minimum $4000 per year in 2012 thanks to the Gillard government.

Via JM Heinrichs


More trouble in Italy?

Why is Europe in the tank?

Steve Kates over at Catallaxy Files has been kind enough to post an email someone (who knows?) sent that breaks it down, simplifies it for us.


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