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Julia isn’t racist, Lego is

PM Julia Gillard dumping a perfectly good Senator so she can be replaced by an Aboriginal, with the only reason given being she wants one? Not racist.

Lego building a model of Jabba the Hutt’s palace?Definitely racist.


Mohammed in the nud reprint: game on?

Who ever said we couldn’t depend on the French?

Game on.

Western powers and several of their Middle East allies have deployed an enormous naval fleet to the Persian Gulf just days after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu again suggested that his country may soon launch a preemptive strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities.

The fleet includes ships from 25 nations, include three full US carrier groups, each one with a complement of more aircraft than the entire Iranian air force. Military officials cited by London’s Daily Telegraph said the buildup is part of a new annual exercise, but their was no secrecy about the fact that the “enemy” in the exercise is Iran.

Always remember the pizza!

Undercover Mosque

I know, I know. It’s Friday and I’m in a really good mood, too. Nevertheless, the following documentary which goes undercover in to some of the mosques in the UK isn’t something that should be ignored, especially in light of the recent worldwide and homegrown protests we’ve seen that coincided with the 11th anniversary of 9/11.

A teaser: Check out 12:18. He was quoted out of context!

Sure, it’s a minority and all that – namely the Wahabists coming out of Saudi Arabia – however it is a significant minority.

H/T Sean (via Facebook)

Getting an 8yo girl to call for Jihad and Sharia probably isn’t exactly what Australia needs right now

Via Larry Pickering, the irresponsibility of some people is astounding and quite worrisome.

“Out of the mouths of babes…”

Having and 8yo call for global Jihad and the introduction of a pan-Islamic Caliphate upon all people’s of Earth is hardly the kind of talk we need in free(ish), democratic Australia. And yet this is exactly what happened in Bankstown, west of Sydney, recently.

One can’t help but worry the kind of sick indoctrination of innocent children to harbour views of “glorious” mass murder, as seen here happening in the Palestinian territories, is a cancer slowly spreading in Australia also.

And there’s more, this time via Michael Smith. A reader writes:

Thank you [Michael] for making us aware of the conference. We sat and watched, listened, to the call to arms by what I think is a terrorist organisation, a cult. The second last speaker called on all Muslim Australians to “throw the Australian Constitution in the bin”. He said from now on they (Muslim’s) should only recognise Sharia Law.

Meanwhile, I’m trying, really trying, to feel reassured (and the Islamic Council of Victoria deserves some credit on this one).

Mr Dandan said those people directly involved in Saturday’s running battles with police were “freelancers” – young, disaffected men allied to mosques and teaching centres outside the mainstream Muslim community.

“They are individuals who freelance from one place to another. If they are not being engaged they move on to another place. We haven’t engaged with these people and we need to,” Mr Dandan said.

“It’s our shortcoming. We have not really engaged with these individuals. It’s not about handing these people over to the authorities; that might drive them underground.

See? First you hear about actions such as the Sydney riots and little girls being used to spread a call for genocide being condemned by Muslim leaders, but then there’s that last line from the quote above. I’m sorry, but in Australia, if you know who the person is who is inciting race riots, using hate speech, indeed calling for the mass murder of others, then surely isn’t that something that you should be helping the police out with?

I’m no lawyer, but we do have laws addressing that kind of stuff, right (even if the cops sometimes choose not to use them such as after the disgraceful Australia Day race riot incited by one of PM Gillard’s staffers in an attempt to demonise Opposition Leader Tony Abbott [incidentally a strategy – the only strategy – Labor has been using for months, if not years])?

And I’m a little disappointed we read an investigation is being called for by Muslim leaders… into the police’s actions over the weekend. That’s hardly confidence inspiring.

Also disappointing is that if one has a look on Facebook and other Internet forums, it too often quickly descends yet again, somehow, into a slanging match between Leftists and Rightists. To be sure, there are plenty of issues the Left and the Right can fire shots at each other over; I’m just really disappointed that the riots occurring around the world and on home soil, too, is one of them. How is this a Left/Right issue?

Can everyone calm down, please? You’d hope so, and hope Muslims who adopted Australia as their new home stop listening to those hate preachers from the lands they desperately tried to escape from (it was an “escape”, right?).

And the winner of Sunday’s Internets is…

(And I’m pleasantly surprised)… The Islamic Council of Victoria.

After the shameful riots we witnessed in Sydney over the weekend, the ICV has come out strongly condemning them with the added warning not to bring them to Melbourne.

“The ICV is appalled by the riots in Sydney,” spokeswoman Shereen Hassan said.

“While it is abhorrent that individuals should disrespect Prophet Mohammed, it is even more abhorrent that Muslims should defile his peaceful teachings by acting in such a vile manner.

“Inflammatory films or provocative actions such as burning the Koran are … activities by bigots who are the fringe of society. They do not represent the feelings of (most) … non-Muslims towards Muslims.

“These people are best ignored or their offensive and inaccurate ideas countered by rational and factual ones expressed in a peaceful manner, as encouraged by our religion.”

Good stuff, and it certainly beats the bloke holding a sign stating, “Behead those who insult Islam”. I mean, really. Is that really a good look? Did the enraged man holding that sign think Australians and others around the world would look at that and think, “Oh well, maybe Islam isn’t so bad after all”?

Anyway, I hope it all settles down soon. For an entire region of the planet – northern Africa and the middle east – and now Sydney to burst into riotous behavior all over a lame movie that some obscure attention seeker produced is a bit of an overreaction.

Malaysia, truly Vucked

And their F1 race sucks every year, too.

Easy on the V-necks, lads. Your tuft of 70s-esque chest hair will be reprimanded for extreme badness.

No worries, those A-holes can’t even sign the UNHCR Human Rights Convention (incidentally, you wanna send boat people – especially latter sex slave kids – where, Julia?), so they’ve decided on  cracking on down on the really important issues affecting the planet.

V-neck shirts.

The stupid it burns.

“Once the children have these symptoms, immediate attention should be given,” the guidelines warned, according to Malaysiakini.

Ho hum. At least we can be reassured this is a moderate Presbyterian nation.

Sensitive thugs

Sensitive lot, aren’t they, over in northern Africa and the Middle East?

Turn on, say, CNN, and we’re witnessed to violent, inflamed protests in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Iran, Iraq, the Kashmir region, Yemen, Morocco, and Israel and the Palestinian territories.

And why? Well the catalyst for the protests which – no coincidence, surely – began on September 11, are over a crappy, low budget film depicting Mohammed as a thug and pedophile. Most of us would have happily lived out our lives having not the slightest inkling this film ever existed, except that an Egyptian sheik got wind of it, translated the YouTube trailer in to Arabic and, let’s face it, used it to light a fire under the ever-simmering hatred of the West, and the US in particular as the bastion of the West.

The film was ordinary to say the least, but that’s the price you pay for freedom, and in particular, freedom of speech – a cornerstone of free democratic nations (which incidentally, the Left in Australia has managed to dig up). I’d much rather have freedom and be offended once in a while than to live in a country where even freedom of thought is blasphemy, indeed punishable by death.

What we also know – or think we know – is that the bloke who made the film is one Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, FKA Sam Becile; technically a Coptic Christian (they make up around 10% of Egypt’s population), but as information comes to light, it turns out he’s a pretty shady guy with multiple names and social security numbers, has been convicted for narcotics offenses as well as bank fraud.

So basically, he’s a troll – not someone to be liked.

However, what I also don’t like is all the finger-pointing that has gone on “back home”. TBH, I’m not really that proud of my “Bye, Libya” post below (although a number of US lawmakers, both Democrat and Republicans, have called for a washing of hands also). But what really disgusts me is that whilst corpses have been paraded around the streets, and the senseless violence is ongoing, the Left have used this as an opportunity to attack US presidential candidate, Mitt Romney.

Now, for sure, the Right have also used this to attack sitting Democrat President Barrack Obama.

Yet, there is one key difference, it must be pointed out, that does not make what’s good for the goose good for the gander.

Romney has no actual political power, and in no way has been involved in any type of US government decision making when it comes to things such as an effective, appropriate response, coordination with the State Department, and security conditions on the ground which may have at least saved a few important lives.

The opposite is true for Obama. Geneva convention or not (the host country provides most security at embassies and consulates), the situation being what it was leading up to those abhorrent attacks, the Obama administration should have had proper security forces in place.

It did not.

And talk about gaffes in rhetoric – and the Left has been quick to jump on a perceived yet actually non-existent gaffe in Romney’s rhetoric – Obama comes out and says Egypt is neither enemy nor ally; a gaffe which the State Department had to correct and reiterate that Egypt, er, technically is an ally, in the legal definition of the word.

Not that Obama is being punished in the media for that massive faux pas

Double standards? Remember when Obama recently and most irresponsibly inflamed home grown violence by declaring that if he had a son, his name would be Trayvon Martin?

Still, that’s hardly the first example of collective, selective, faux leftist outrage.

But I digress, and fall into the same trap I’m blaming leftists for also doing.

The real bad guy here isn’t Obama. Nor is it Romney. Nor is it that film maker, not in a country that upholds freedom of speech, however offensive.

No, the real bad guys are those thugs who murdered the US Libyan ambassador, J. Christopher Stevens and three others including two former Navy Seals.

The real bad guys are those thugs staging their violent protests all over the middle east and northern Africa.

The real bad guys are people like that sheik who found that obscure video and used it to incite an entire nation, indeed regions, to hatred and violence.

The real bad guys are the ruling Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt who have called for a banning of Freedom of Speech in the West, and who have also called for *cough* peaceful protests this Friday, Islamic prayer day.

While emotions are still running high, can we in the West, on the Left and the Right, please remember who the real bad guys are (hint: it’s not each other).

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