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The good, the bad, and the ugly

The good: Craig Thomson has finally been arrested.

The bad: Australia will have to suffer the longest election campaign in the nation’s history, set for September 14th.

The ugly: Attorney general Nicola Roxon has scrapped those disastrous free speech laws whereby merely being offended would have been enough to get the speaker in trouble.

Oh, and one more good thing… Anthony Mundine. :lol:

Congratulations, Andy Murray

The first Brit to win a Grand Slam since Fred Perry in 1936. That’s a long time between drinks!

He did it tough, beating Djokovic in a drawn out five-setter – equal to the longest on record at 4h 54m – 7-6(12-10) 7-5 2-6 3-6 6-2.

What if?

Man, I haven’t laughed so hard in ages.

What would happen if you tried to hit a baseball pitched at 90% the speed of light?

xkcd’s Randall Munroe does the math.

The answer turns out to be “a lot of things”, and they all happen very quickly, and it doesn’t end well for the batter (or the pitcher).

Other important need-to-know questions are answered such as how much Force power Yoda has. Turns out it’s about as much as a Smart Car…

The site’s in the blogroll under “What if?”

Facebook: Political abuse? No way! Racial abuse? OK.

Remember when Aussie icon and cartoonist, Larry Pickering, was temporarily kicked off Facebook for political incorrectness against the PM?

The page, which has almost 3000 “likes”, posts pictures of indigenous people with captions that some Facebook users claim are offensive and, in some cases, hate speech.

Disgraceful. But also, when it comes to this kind of racial or political stuff, I think it’s the lack of consistency which bugs me the most.

Take the current PC London Olympics. Sportspeople who may or may not have conveyed racist sentiments, or the “wrong” political sentiments, are sent home. This is despite it being the Olympics, an international sports event meant to be devoid of politics, even to the point where regimes such as North Korea, and any other “questionable” country is allowed to have its athletes compete, no eyebrows raised.

Not just there, but back in Australia too, and the whole racial/political issue is, in many instances, utterly ridiculous.

There is absolutely no consistency anymore. It’s whoever says whatever platitude feels good at the time and/or has the powers that be in their pocket… at that time.

And it’s not even what is said anymore. It’s who says it, and/or who that person knows.

There has to be a consistent, fair standard and that standard has to be enforced.

Aussie Mark Webber wins the British F1 GP

*He’s not called AussieGrit for nothing.

Having qualified second, the Australian had himself an afternoon and a half if he were going to entain the possibility of pipping the formidable Spaniard, Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso.

Check the twitter feed, and you’ll see at least one punter hoping Mark would do it by the first corner… the, er, easy way.

And there was half a chance, however the prancing horse veered right, right in front of the red bull, and closed down any further discussion on that one.

Thus, it was down to a race of attrition, and by “attrition” in 2012, we mean tyres.

Give or take, Webber and Alonso were in a class of their own Sunday afternoon, but for Mark to hold up a chunk of sweet looking gold rather than a casting of a bank’s logo, either “something” had to happen or AussieGrit had to apply the old elbow grease.

Nothing happened, and thus it became a case of quietly chipping away; a fastest lap here, half a second there.

It was a case of drive that beast until that six second gap became two cars in one frame, the Spaniard on the soft option tyres, and the Australian on the “slower” but more durable primes.

In the end, or more precisely with about five laps to go, it wasn’t even close. Mark had the tyres, and therefore the traction.

The Red Bull cruised past.

No, there wasn’t any jumping on the sofa this time, like there was in Monaco.

And Webber’s reaction was similarly understated.

Winning the British GP for the second time in three years was, frankly, job done.

*Re-written because it deserved it


Webber celebrates… not for himself, but rather for the fans.

“It’s taking a while to sink in this one. I think it was the circumstances of the race – for most of it I was marking off second place. Fernando was not quite out of touch and after the last stop, my engineer Ciaron came on the radio saying that Fernando was not doing much on the option tyres. But I know Fernando is a wily old fox, I thought he was looking after the tyres and just waiting to pull the pin and go a little bit. But when I got within two seconds I thought maybe he’s in a little bit of trouble and it was real. It was completely game on when I knew the DRS was available, I made the move stick and our hard work paid off for the win. It was a cracking grand prix today; the spectators got to see a good race and I’m pleased for them.”

On that soccer riot in Egypt

Andrew Bolt puts it into perspective.


Tim Blair on Peter Roebuck

I had no idea Peter Roebuck was such a – shall we say – complex individual. Tim Blair delves as well as anyone probably can into the life of the late cricket commentator Peter Roebuck and ponders possible motivating factors for his untimely suicide.

Yet in the many thousands of words written about Roebuck since his death, a broader possible cause emerges. It could be that the 55-year-old, whose own friends admit they didn’t know well, simply couldn’t bear to have his life exposed.

The mystery surrounding Peter Roebuck’s death

We’ve all heard no doubt by now about the strange suicide of popular cricket commentator, Peter Roebuck.

Particularly disturbing was that there was talk of a sexual assault claim.

And it could be a long time before the truth comes out.

“An inquest can take a long time, it can be anything from six months to two or three years, but what is critical here is to get the autopsy reports, or what we call the post-mortem report,” Naidoo said this morning.

“We will be looking at that first and that can take four to six weeks, sometimes up to eight weeks. When we get that report, we can determine officially what his cause of death was.”

Police were in the room when Roebuck jumped.

I’m just wondering, just what kind of sexual assault would compel a man to suicide? I sincerely hope it isn’t, you know…

Melbourne Cup tips

Who’s gonna win it?

Guaranteed bragging rights if you get it right. Any picks after 12pm 1pm blog time (2pm 3pm Melbourne time) will naturally be heartily scoffed at.

I’m going to go Bart Cumming’s Illo with Jim Cassidy on the saddle.

(times updated)

UPDATE Mourayan out


So it’s…

1. Dunaden
2. Red Cadeaux
3. Lucas Cranach

Almost a dead heat. What a race (and that just being able to hear it on internet radio)!

Day off work today.

Had grave fears for Illo when it was an early leader because the early leader NEVER gets it.

Spooked that I put Dunaden on top of the poll O.o!

What I’ve done the past couple of years is play the youtube clip to the kids the day after. With about 28 kids in a class, and each kid assigned a number at the beginning of the school year by their homeroom teacher (i.e. 1-28), one kid gets to be the lucky winner [the other five will get to pick a number of their choice, chillax]).

Sure, it’s just dumb luck, but then again… ;-)

The kids have a ball, and it’s a little bit of cultural fun. No use teaching or learning the language without a bit of culture chucked in! :-)

Some prelims…

Click back for finals.


“Beaten by a pixel.”

Funny, that the headline in the “some prelims” link initially said, “Red Cadeaux Wins The 2011 Melbourne Cup – Results!”

Headline was subsequently changed, lol.


Cripes. Illo 19th. Don’t take my advice!

An open Letter to Star Sports Asia (esp. Korea)

JFTR, F1 driver and Aussie Mark Webber, who qualified in 3rd, stuffed up his start as per usual, dropping back to 8th before Aussie-grittinging it back to 2nd, behind that Vettel guy.

And well done, Jenson (13th to 3rd!) And Schumi (last…24th…to 5th… on the 43 year old’s 20th anniversary of F1 racing).

And a happy birthday to Aussie Mark Webber who turned 35 on Saturday.

But what’s a post without a beef?

Here’s what Star Sports (ESPN) was emailed minutes ago…


Who’s the idiot who decided to put the Star Sports Korea commentary into Chinese???? I am so absolutely LIVID! at you guys. It’s so hard to be polite, but what kind of broadcast is one that has a pre-race show in English, the bloody race in Chinese, and then the post race show in English?

What the hell were you guys thinking?!?!?!?

You did this (even worse) back in 2002. Essentially, you ruined the season!

Most of your letters are from fans in India. What do you think their main second language is?????? Hint: IT”S NOT CHINESE!

How about where you broadcast from? Hong Kong, too!

And as for foreign workers in Korea???

They are English teachers.

They are also engineers etc. from all over the world who use ENGLISH as a first or second language!!!!!!!

What’s even more of an utterly stupid decision, the races before the summer break had English commentary (volume not sufficient to get above the engine noise, by the way).

And suddenly you switch to Chinese???

English is the language of international business!

Most foreign workers in Korea AND Koreans use English as either their first or second language!

I understand your coverage pales in comparison to the BBC, but I blame that more on resources ($$$) provided… that is: YOU HAVE GOOD COMMENTATORS but who’d know since you have decided again to hush them up?

So utterly angry, disappointed, and wondering why you pulled such a ridiculous stunt!

I want to use every swear word I know against you – and you deserve all of them plus more – but I won’t.


If you vomit Monza on us in Chinese, I will officially hate you forever!!!

You fucked up so bad!


James Board

Just chilling until the F1

Just over seven hours and Aussie Mark Webber’s best chance at a win this season.

Webber on pole: go Mark!

Something more positive to consider this weekend is that Aussie F1 driver Mark Webber is on pole position for tonight’s (10pm Aussie time) German Grand Prix.

It was brilliant watching him clinch it from Vettel last night, and also well done McClaren’s Lewis Hamilton making 2nd.

Vettel’s lead in the championship is pretty much unassailable, but who doesn’t want to see Mark win a race this year regardless? It would certainly help him to at least better secure his tenure of 2nd place in the championship (and no, 2nd ain’t first but it’s better than 3rd which Mark got last year).

Just get that start right this time, Mark!

6 in a row

It ain’t Valvoline but you know what I mean.

Bon Voyage Darren Lockyer.


To Bahrain or not to Bahrain

First to not (riots), then to, and now on their own decision, to not.

Looks like the Yellowstone of International Politics, the Middle East, is continuing to experience elevated seismic activity.

And as with Yellowstone, is there anything much more that we can do but watch?

Rewriting history [updated]

They’ve done with WWII victor, Winston Churchill, and now they’ve done it with Alain Prost.

Back in 1985, the four-time world champion drove a Marlboro sponsored Honda McLaren.

Here it is.

And here’s the current picture on Wikipedia, and in many a google image search pic.

OK. So cigarette advertising has been banned on F1 cars since about 2007/2008.

But one just has to wonder, if history is re-written on something so frivolous as a F1 car – and unannounced, mind you – just what else are the powers, the Leftist powers that be, re-writing history on?


Just for the record…


Are you shitting me a 1985 race in Germany disallowed Marlboro?

My Bad.

And then this: consider the BS engine’s being introduced in 2013…

A 1.6 litre four cylinder… on an F1 car…?

Arguments over the commercial structure and regulations in the sport re-started in the mid-2000s with McLaren and their part owner Mercedes again amongst teams threatening to start a rival series until 2009 when another Concorde Agreement that is effective until the end of 2012 was settled upon.

And that’s a good considering that engine crap.

A four cylinder on an F1 car????

That Concord agreement breaks in 2013, the same year FIA wants F1 cars to have four cylinder engines. Mclaren ain’t happy. You can bet your bottom dollar Ferrari is pissed. None of the drivers or fans want it.

Yet the FIA has pushed ahead its agenda for its beloved baby formula.

Make sense?

Of course not.

And give us a break. I was too young in 1985 to actually REMEMBER Prost’s car.

Any corrections in comments are most welcome.


Tim Blair emails:

Easy mistake for young players. Germany was ahead of everyone when it came
to banning cig ads.

Some teams found better ways to get around it than McLaren’s simple
block-out technique. The
Zakspeed team of the mid-80s was sponsored by cigarette maker West, so in
Germany they just
changed the signage to East. Problem solved.



So there you go


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