Let’s ban guns and free speech

And why not put a “fairness doctrine” on the Internet, too?

Who would think such crap? Why none other than Obama’s info czar and top pick for the Supreme Court, Cass Sunstein.


WHO wants to tax the Internet?

Even after Copenhagen’s epic fail, the UN is still at it.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is considering a plan to ask governments to impose a global consumer tax on such things as Internet activity or everyday financial transactions like paying bills online.

Climategate in the USA

Weather stations moved from cold places to warm places. Many simply removed. Temperatures always adjusted upwards.

Jo Nova has the whole shebang.

Ask bing anything…

The back of bing’s brain is saying, “don’t blog when you ain’t sober…”… but anyway.

Hey, if it worked for Blair

Gangster nation vs gangster president

Although Obama’s Nobel speech was not about North Korea, it did contain clear statements on a number of subjects of relevance to the future of the U.S. relationship with North Korea. The North Koreans would do well to interpret the talks with Ambassador Bosworth in the context of broader themes President Obama has emphasized in his Nobel speech, which reveals principles likely to inform the President’s own views regarding North Korea-related issues.

The Obama administration perceives the fundamental problem as between North Korea and the international system, not necessarily between North Korea and the United States or with South Korea.

DMZ water

Despite all the crap we know about North Korea, maybe, just maybe, Kim Jong Il, in his old age, is softening up.

American tourists are allowed back in, and for a while now we’ve had DMZ water. Heh, that 2km is actually 4km. The 2km is the southern “half” of the DMZ.

Still, it’s progress.

Interesting stuff. Remember, he wants a peace treaty.

Water, peace treaties, American tourists…

Is Kim Jong Il about to die?

Avatar vs the Vatican

No surprises that Benedict ain’t happy. And nor should he be, considering all this movie is is a ripped-off version of Pocahontas that just revels in this new green AGW religion.

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