But when Andrew Sullivan sees that weird non-photoshopped picture of Big O looking down his nose at Joe Biden, he has to puzzle a bit to figure out why posting it to the White House Flickr account didn’t strike everyone as a bad PR move. He puzzles and puzzles about how Americans might react badly to a President appearing to carry himself in a rude, regal way to a person he supposedly picked to be a second-in-line successor, and a close advisor. Then, Shazam!

Thank you, Miss Attila, and thank you Insty. You’ve inspired me.

PS Underbelly lovers may appreciate shazam.


The Burj Khalifa?

Well, that’s what they have to call it now since the UAE is up the proverbial financial creek. Khalifa is the bloke pulling the strings next door in Abu Dhabi. And it’s clear he’s pulling quite a lot a strings for his neighbour now, too. Say, what a nice airline you have!

There has been speculation that Abu Dhabi will seize a number of Dubai’s trophy assets in exchange for its assistance, including DP World, the international ports business, and Emirates, the region’s largest airline.

BTW, 828 metres (2717 smelly feet).


It was just so blatant. It was like Cameron finally actually did run out of money – and scriptwriters – and just took a big Lefty dump on everyone.

You know what I mean?


A mate of Paco, Penguin, offers an Antarctic review…

The natives are an intelligent, but violent and superstitious species. They live in an uncivilized and Stone Age culture and, living as hunter gatherers, have the usual short life expectancies and high infant mortality rates. They suffer terribly by often being consumed for lunch by spectacularly nasty fauna, and suffer other brutalities such as not having invented toilet paper.

Read on.

A Warming to Monckton

I am writing to offer personal briefings on why “global warming” is a non-problem to you and other party leaders during my visit.

[KRudd’s] speech mentioned my remarks about the proposal for world “government” in the early drafts of what had been intended as a binding Copenhagen Treaty. These proposals were not, as [KRudd] suggested, a “conspiracy theory” from the “far right” with “zero basis in evidence”. [KRudd’s] staff will find them in paragraphs 36-38 of the main text of Annex 1 to the 15 September draft of the Treaty. The word “government” appears twice at paragraph 38. After much adverse publicity in democratic countries, including Australia, the proposals were reluctantly dropped before Copenhagen.

Now I’m just homesick.


Chris replies to some of the more brain-hurty aspects of his open letter to KRudd… with more brain-hurtiness. I’ll try and find an easy quote…

Therefore, if we ignored the IPCC’s belief – which certainly does not represent the consensus in the scientific literature – that CO2 lingers in the atmosphere for hundreds of years, then the correct calculation would be to assume that without our current emissions CO2 concentration would fall swiftly back to 278 ppmv from its present 388 ppmv – a drop of 110 ppmv. Then, if we saved 7.5% of total emissions, we should reduce CO2 concentration by 7.5% of 110 ppmv, or around 8 ppmv, in which event the warming forestalled over the next ten years would be 0.1 C°, still not worth all those trillions.

So, er, basically, we’re fine. Wonder what KRudd will say…

The Gore Effect…

… Has gone global. He’s achieved more than he bargained for at Copenhagen.

Florida’s copping it. Posh Vermont is copping it. Mao and Putin, too. Not even the queen is being spared. Iowahawk and even cute llama’s have fallen to the wrath of Gore.

Al Gore has done what was once only a dream.


Any links to Cher’s Turn Back Time are forbidden. Don’t even think about it.


Dagnamit! He’s onto me!

Seoul residents slogged through the heaviest snowfall in modern Korean history after a winter storm dumped more than 11 inches (28 centimeters) Monday, forcing airports to cancel flights and paralyzing traffic in South Korea’s bustling capital.

Luckily, bing has an escape route.

H/T Drudge.


That’s how they say it in Korea. Relax. It just means “hello”.

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