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AGW: EU and US drifting apart

Via NRO:

On the one hand, you have the EU wanting to covert chunks of land equating to the size of Ireland for bio-fuel farms (never mind the extra CO2 and hungry people). On the other hand, Al Gore’s carbon exchange has died.

Europe wants to ride bikes, the US wants to drill. The US just isn’t buying the Green power line.

Europe might know they’re stuffed, and it seems they’re waking up to the fact that America doesn’t want to go down their path, as was clearly demonstrated quite recently.


Climategate hits NASA

According to Chris Horner of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, three out of the four main temperature data sets in the world are irrevocably corrupted or even fabricated. And NASA’s data set can’t really be used because they took their data from CRU (East Anglia), where this whole Climategate mess began. Not only that, there has been significant collusion between climate scientists and reporters to keep the alarmist message on track.

Heck, it’s being argued that NASA themselves knew their data was poor, but did they tell us that?

Pajamas has a few good articles on this. We also see Lord Monckton having a go at the Nature editorial staff, too.

The once-respected science journal Nature recently published a whining editorial to the effect that climate scientists are not criminals, really; that attacks on them by increasingly-skeptical news media are soooo unfair; and that the fundamental science showing that the planet is doomed unless the economies of the West are shut down at once is unchallengeable.

No doubt most climate scientists are not criminals. However, some are. Many of the two dozen Climategate emailers, who have for years driven the IPCC process, tampered with peer review in the learned journals, and fabricated, altered, concealed, or destroyed scientific data are criminals. Whether they or Nature like it or not, they will eventually stand trial, and deservedly so.

Here’s a neat video, too.

Even some who bought the man-made global warming line must surely be having doubts as to whether to rush in gigantic climate taxes.

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Glaciers are melting, and it’s your fault… or is it?

The Sydney Morning Herald reported late last week that the “[g]laciers’ big melt goes on“. Alarming stuff, and yes, many glaciers are receeding. But dig just a little deeper and of course one finds that many glaciers are stable or increasing in size. So why couldn’t the SMH, what should be an objective newspaper, repoert both sides of the story, or at least pay lip service to it?

Also, there are over 100,000 glaciers in the world, yet only a handful are being studied, so how can we really know the overall glacier picture?

Now sure, most glaciers studied in that last link are melting, but it still doesn’t prove that a: most glaciers in total (studied and non-studied) are melting and b: that human industrial activity is to blame, not with a mere 0.7 degree celcius overall temperature increase last century. Not when glaciers have survived hotter temperatures in the past.

Nup. AGW still smacks of cloaked socialism.

Monckton in Australia vs Rudd in Never Never Land

Via reader, Ken, at Andrew Bolt’s mega-blog:

When I arrived at the hotel about 5.20 there were about 200-300 people outside the hotel. Staff had locked the doors. I was able to get in because my ticket had been left with the concierge.

Another 100 or so people were lined up to buy tickets outside the Grand Ballroom. Inside, the room was full (800 seat capacity) and another 200-300 were standing at the back.

AB also links to a great video interview with Lord Monckton by Sydney’s lefty paper (Tim Blair’s enemy), the Sydney Morning Herald, and it’s pretty obvious where the objective journo stands, LOL!

Now, this post is more of a round-up for any non-Australian readers, but Monckton has even challenged the PM, the Honorable Kevin Rudd, and noted that an Emissions Trading Scheme is bad news for Aussie jobs. And yes, it would be in the coal capital of Australia and the world, Newcastle. But, of course, coal produces most of our electricity and prices are, at least in Australia, set to double, then treble soon if Rudd gets his way with his mad climate taxes scheme (of which he hasn’t so far). Follow the logic, and an Australian ETS could have huge implications not just for Australia but for the rest of the world, too.

Meanwhile, Monckton will be up in Noosa on Saturday – an area reeling from the devastating effects of climate change –  and their local rag ran a Q&A with him.

What we now face, not only in Australia but worldwide, is a conspiracy of the governors against the governed, of the rich against the poor, of the powerful against the powerless, of the strong against the weak, of the big guy against the little guy.
I decline to join that conspiracy, which is using the climate as a Trojan Horse to breach the citadel of our constitutional rights and freedoms, and even to introduce an unelected world government.

Hear, hear! And Kevin? Never, never…

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Malcolm the Obstinate

Even though global warming ranks last on the list of most people’s priorities for society, and even though there a ten more recent good examples highlighting the farce that is the theory of man-made global warming, former dumped Australian Opposition leader, Malcolm Turnbull is still determined to vote in favour of this madness – even if it means voting against his own party.

The sooner Turnbull is out of politics, the better.

Does he realise, “[t]he surface [temperature] record is a mess“?

And has Malcolm or any of the other doom-mongers considered the influence of cloud cover? It’s far more than the influence of CO2, let alone the fraction of CO2 – about 5%-10% – that is man-made.

H/T for the pic.

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