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Will James Cameron direct Cleopatra?

James Cameron is reportedly in negotiations with Sony to direct a 3D movie about Cleopatra. Angelina Jolie is tipped to play the part of the famous Egyptian queen.

Cameron certainly knows how to make epic films. Avatar and Titanic are numbers one and two in the list of highest-grossing films respectively.

This latest take on the life of the ill-fated queen will be based on a book by Pulitzer Prize winner, Stacy Schiff.

But please, this time, could he not blatantly politicise it so much?

Whilst well made, Avatar smacked of anti-American, anti-capitalist, and environmentalist, militant Gaia-worshipping sentiment, as did Titanic to a lesser degree (rich people bad, poor people good).

On a non-political note, how will Jolie match up against Liz Taylor?

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