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A man

That’s all it takes.

About a year ago, one man, Campbell Newman, decided it was time to change.

He decided to move on from being a successful Mayor of Brisbane.

He decided that a split Opposition wasn’t the solution.

The former Army engineer went into battle, this time for the state of Queensland, a state entrenched in Labor rule for the best part of more than 20 years.

One man.

Of course, a single man can’t do it alone but every team needs a good leader.

Arguably, Queensland had wanted a new team with a good leader for years.

However no viable change was on offer.

Newman recognised this.

He formed a new team.

And yesterday, Australia witnessed hegemony crumble.

Queensland Labor will be lucky to have serving members in the double digits.

A vote against the carbon dioxide tax?

Yes and no.

No because this was definitely a state election. This was about Queensland, for Queensland. Just ask any Queenslander.

Yes because whilst not specifically about the carbon dioxide tax, it was a vote against the general progressive Leftism Australia has had a look into.

We’ve had a look and we don’t like what we see.

So in that sense, the federal Fabian Socialist Gillard government, mired in unholy matrimony with the radical Left Greens, should be very worried indeed.

It is oft mused that Australia is a follower, that international trends eventually find their way here.

Obama’s change was here to stay. The New Europe was the future and to be emulated.

Yesterday proved the utter bullshit of that misconception.

Today Queensland is at the tip of the political tongue.

And that tongue speaketh ill of progressivism, including pseudo environmentalism.

Watch out, Gillard.

Watch out, Brown.

The wall upon which you are perched is crumbling fast.

The people have spoken.

Refuse to listen and keep double crossing us at your peril.


And now they beg

At first disgraceful, now pathetic.

Dennis Atkins:

Three weeks ago, commentators elsewhere were singing that Labor was losing the election and winning the campaign. Now those same songbirds are chirping that this is the worst Labor campaign in living memory.

Perhaps the truth lies in between.

They needed to tear down Campbell Newman and make sure the damage landed heavily in the seat of Ashgrove.

It was high-risk. All bets went one way and there was no laying off.

It worked for a while but then Premier Anna Bligh stuffed up. She said she had nothing. Can’t walk back from that.

Campaign desperado Anthony Chisholm knows deep in his dark soul the only card left is – leave us with something. It’s begging and it’s humiliating.

The dirtiest election campaign ever? Shame on Queensland Labor

Debate policies, don’t just engage in a never-ending tirade of baseless smears. QLD premier Anna Bligh, the lot of them in fact, have taken politics to a new low.

She’s going down in a blaaaaaze o’ gory… Anna don’ wanna miss a thing

You can almost understand smear as a last resort tactic for an outgoing government that’s got nothing…soften the blow and all that. Fuck. What else can you do? Mime? Wear a pink top?

And in fairness, after 20-odd years, heck, even most dictatorships don’t last that long let alone a democratically elected mob.


But for then a federal government that claims it has everything, a relatively fresh federal government, to resort to smears every day because it can’t champion its own policies?

Oh, blah blah blah, Tony Abbott’s fault even though he ain’t the one in charge. I am. But it’s still his fault, nyeehhh.

Julia Gillard is 20 years ahead of her time.


Now just wait for the media and journalism academics at the universities to  – rightly – state this is a natural and healthy symptom of democracy.

The grind?

It was also a natural and healthy symptom of democracy when Joh/the Nationals were booted out in quite similar circumstances.

Yet, hmm, that wasn’t how they put it back then.

And it wasn’t how they put it years later. It was all Mr nNaaaaasypants!


Indeed, the next instalment of hit crime docu-drama Underbelly will indeed be about the Joh years, culminating in the Fitzgerald Inquiry, the sacking and jailing of the (Sir) Police Commissioner and Jack the Bagman.

Give it a few seasons, and surely it will be about the Goss/Beattie/Bligh establishment, Kevin Rudd as chief of staff, the Heiner Affair and all that jazz, too…


Just get it over with already!

PM Gillard. Former PM Rudd. The uncertainty in the business community as we all wait with baited breath whilst Dumbledee and Dumbledoo tear each other and the Labor party apart has got to be costing Australia millions per day.

The silver lining is that its making a relatively straight forward QLD election all that much easier for the LNP Opposition.

No matter what “side” of politics people are on, I think everybody wants some kind of result.

What a dam debarcle

The truth slowly emerges.

Wivenhoe dam engineers have been given security guards after they appeared in front of the flood inquiry.

via Guards for flood engineers after threats.

That last link is a video.

And the QLD premier, soon-to-be-ousted Anna Bligh, has distanced herself from any responsibility – not a good look. Reminds one of some sort of aquatic version of Nero.


SENIOR Queensland cabinet minister Stephen Robertson has been recalled to the state’s floods inquiry as it zeroes in on evidence that Brisbane’s main dam was mismanaged in the days before the city went under water.

Essentially, they acted two days too late to release excess water. By the time they acted, there was too much water and Brisbane suffered its worst floods since 1974.

Since the ALP took office, our debt has essentially quadrupled

Our debt has gone up from about $53 billion in 2007 to a whopping $191 billion as of June 2011.

Total debt stands at $223 billion today.

191 in June.

223 six months later.

With the GFC still fresh in our memories, Europe teetering and a stalled US economy, is now really the time to be borrowing so readily?

And then take Queensland.

Even though the state is experiencing an unprecedented mining boom, the ALP government there has managed to burden the state with $65 billion of debt that will rise to $84 billion in three short years.

Queensland has lost its AAA credit rating and will have to pay off $100 million a week.

The state’s debt is at about $15,000 for every man, woman and child.

And if you go by the number of people with jobs – with 2,326,400 actually employed in full or part-time work – we’re looking at about $28,000.

With the global economy where it’s at, it doesn’t seem wise to this layman to be accruing so much debt.

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