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After all that, Labor considers opening Nauru again

Of course, the Nauru detention centre for illegal boat arrivals should never have been closed. Our borders wouldn’t be the laughing stock of the world, and up to 1000 people would still be alive, albeit not in Australia but at least alive.

Oh remember how PM Gillard huffed and puffed in feigned moral outrage at a policy that – let’s face it – worked.

SENIOR Labor figures are exploring a dramatic shift on asylum-seeker policy to reopen the Nauru processing centre as part of a two-stage proposal that could trigger the government’s Malaysia Solution if the first step does not stop boat arrivals.

More than a boat a day sometimes. It’s about time Labor woke up and stopped playing politics with people’s dreams and lives.

The (yet another) committee has handed down its report. Do something!


Crack in a taxi

I know Julia doesn’t like spending money on important things such as our military.

AUSTRALIA’S navy patrol boats are literally cracking up under the strain of intercepting the surge in asylum-seeker vessels, with one boat now banned from operations and structural cracks discovered in at least two others. Defence has ordered an urgent investigation into its overworked 14-boat fleet amid concerns that the problem could threaten the navy’s long-term ability to patrol Australia’s northern approaches.

So what’s the problem? Indonesian fishing vessels crack up all the time on their way out here. No wonder they just make a call now and have us sail into Indonesian waters to pick them up using our big strong boats.


Cracks in the hulls of our elite Navy vessels now being used (too much) to ferry “undocumented” arrivals?

Heaven forbid an actual war broke out…

We could always put floaties on our tanks.

Glad Julia, after slashing the military budget, is using the rest of the (now-borrowed) money wisely…

Why stopping the boats and protecting our borders is important

It’s quite simple really.

It goes to the heart of whether Australia is a sovereign nation.

Are we a sovereign nation that has borders and rules, or is “Australia” merely a crew of taxpayers on a vessel of leeches?

Yep, another boat [updated]

This one sent out a distress call, is believed to be carrying 180 passengers, and hasn’t been found yet.

AUSTRALIAN rescue authorities have received a distress call from an asylum-seeker boat carrying up to 180 people south of Indonesia.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority received a call from the vessel at 4.30am (AEST) today.

The boat has not yet been sighted but AMSA has put out a call to merchant vessels in the area for assistance.

The vessel is understood to be 50 nautical miles south of Indonesia.

Home Affairs Minister Jason Clare said the vessel had reported it was taking on water.

Shame on Labor for ripping up a policy that worked. Shame on the Greens for not bending and agreeing to some sort of a compromise solution.


Sending out a distress call is just their latest tactic. What an effing joke.

In a satellite call to Australia from the boat, passengers said the vessel was taking on water in 3m waves in conditions described as “sea state six”.

So our navy sent HMAS Wollongong to assist:

When it arrived at 10am there was no signs of distress and the vessel was headed towards Christmas Island.

Floodgates opened by Gillard’s inaction

Load ’em up.

A TENTH asylum-seeker vessel in a week has arrived in Australian waters, as people-smuggling looms as a major issue in Julia Gillard’s talks today with Indonesia.

Amid the ongoing political impasse over border protection, Home Affairs Minister Jason Clare said authorities had intercepted a sixth asylum-seeker boat in 72 hours, this one carrying around 39 people.

The small ramshackle fishing vessel carrying mainly males, believed to be Sri Lankans, was later moored not far from shore at Christmas Island’s port, with around five navy officers on board.

The men aboard waved and smiled to The Australian Online as they waited to be taken ashore to one of the overflowing detention facilities on the island.

Ten boats in a week. Six boats in three days. Good lord.

Gillard has utterly, utterly failed.

Just get Malaysia to sign that UNHCR thingy?

Easy peasy.

I feel sick.

Go on. Go out door knocking now and try and sell your stupid carbon tax.


If only my Korean wife should be so lucky should we ever choose to move back to Australia…

Via the excellent, Larry Pickering.

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