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To Bahrain or not to Bahrain

First to not (riots), then to, and now on their own decision, to not.

Looks like the Yellowstone of International Politics, the Middle East, is continuing to experience elevated seismic activity.

And as with Yellowstone, is there anything much more that we can do but watch?


No Bahrain F1 GP for you!

Thought this might happen, which means Melbourne will receive the honours for hosting the first GP of 2011. Whilst it’s a bit disappointing having to wait another two weeks, the Bahrain GP is arguably the most boring of the season. It’s a terrible track for overtaking and boring to look at (sand!).

Bahrain F1 probably a no goer

With only two years remaining of Formula One, this is pretty disappointing.

FORMULA One motor sport boss Bernie Ecclestone was last night on the brink of calling off the opening grand prix of the season.

It comes amid the horrific backdrop of tanks lining the streets of Bahrain where11 protesters were reported killed in riots just a few miles from the Sakhir circuit.

Ecclestone, the sport’s commercial rights-holder, was facing the most difficult – and potentially the most expensive – decision of his 40-year career as reports broke of the military response to protests.

Formula One teams are expected to meet in the next 24 hours to debate whether they should boycott the race, which is scheduled to take place on March 13.

Litmus test FAIL.

Lady bingbing will, of course, be crying crocodile tears over this one.

And onto Bahrain (updated)

No, it’s not great to make light of a serious situation, but will the latest uprisings in Bahrain affect the Formula One Grand Prix to be held there in just over 23 days time?

And before anyone thinks ill, do keep in mind that staging a F1 race is a great litmus test for a nation. Korea getting its first one last year made one feel that Korea had “made it”. And they’re not about to stage one in, say, Kenya anytime soon.

Just as the price of a Big Mac can tell us how much a particular currency is really worth, whether or not 2011’s first race ends up going ahead will be a big indicator of just how serious the situation really is – or isn’t – over there.


I was right. F1 boss, Bernie Ecclestone is in daily contact with Bahrain officials, and the event may indeed have to be cancelled.

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