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The beer drinking black bear bandit

Who says nature is that fragile? Here’s on of Gaia’s favourites with its priorities firmly in place.

A LARGE black bear may have overstayed its welcome in a Florida neighbourhood after stealing beer and prowling around a local bar.

A resident who live at Highbanks Marina in De Bary, Florida, 48km north of Orlando, said the unwanted visitor – thought to weigh at least 136kg – recently made off with a case of beer he had left on his back porch, reported today.

Can’t blame the bear. The weather’s been warming up lately, and who doesn’t love an ice cold beer?

American readers should note, however, Aussie bears can handle the harder stuff.


Brain food

Omega3? Ginseng? Multivitamins?

Yes, all that.

And also beer.


History round-up

Thanks to resident historian, JM Heinrichs III, Esq.

Because yearning minds need to know.

Alas, no beer (soju actually) until Friday, so this will have to suffice until then…

Sick of your day job?

Then why not become a beer cicerone?*

Much like sommeliers, cicerones are certified experts in their field. They learn about virtually every aspect of beer – different styles, pairings, even storage and draft systems. Most budding cicerones get their start in the hospitality industry – most often coming from liquor distributors, behind the bar, and restaurant management. Anyone can learn, though, and starting from a solid knowledge base one can progress through the ranks, becoming a certified beer server in short order and then progressing on to become a full-fledged cicerone in about a year, depending on experience.

It’s brilliant. There’s a kebab shop 20 metres from my favourite bar!

Have to admit but, am actually more partial to soju…

Don’t wanna booze it up? How about an ice cream?

Need money in a hurry?

And when it comes to sports, Koreans are far too civil to throw punches… rather, why not have a chicken fight?

It’s a trip. Who needs drugs when you live here?

*Or come to Korea.

The beer is safe in Brisbane, too

Not unlike those up north a bit, down in the capital, we also have our priorities right.

Finally: beer at Burger King

Is Obama’s progressive administration really, truly, in a tangible sense hitting Main Street at last?

Burger King is opening a restaurant in Miami Beach that will serve beer along with burgers and fries, the chain’s first U.S. location with alcohol.

Of course, this is nothing new to the enlightened Europeans who’ve been downing beers at McDonald’s for yonks.

And over here, in tech-savvy Korea, we’ve been able to down a cold one at the cinema for a while, too.

H/T for the pic.

H/T Insty

The Aussie beer awards

Entries close January 29.

Every year hundreds of brewers enter the Australian International Beer Awards (AIBA) in a bid to win the title of best beer in the world.

Last year’s winner was this mob at the Matilda Bay Brewing Company.


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