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Bring Obama down over healthcare, not crap he said 20 years ago or the birther issue

Hey, I’m guilty of the birther stuff, too, when it gained real notoriety from Donald Trump dipping his toe into the presidential contender piranha pond (and having his leg eaten off).

And it’s essentially wrong that that issue hasn’t been resolved properly, not least because of the latest investigation asserting that the birth certificate Obama finally released after Trump’s mounting pressure is a fake.

Also essentially wrong is Obama’s past, whether it was his close association with former domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, his 20 years of attendance at “God damn America” Jeremiah Wright’s church, or the recent video that has surfaced that shows Obama, as a Harvard student, singing the praises of some bloke who it’s claimed is a raaaaacist Mr nastypants.

However, I simply don’t see any of those bones of contention really going anywhere. The first two didn’t and the third won’t now. Sure it’s good fodder for the conservatives over in the States, but the likelihood of it changing anyone’s mind is slim.

What Obama’s opponents – and this includes the GOP’s current POTUS wannabes – should be hammering home ad nauseam is not the above but rather… Obamacare.

Sure, my American friends pretty much all confirm that something needed to be done about healthcare in the US despite it already being among the best in the world, but just as Obama relieving himself on our heads isn’t rain, Obamacare isn’t the solution to America’s perceived healthcare woes.

Too many people wet their pants when they say “Obama” and then imagine when you combine that with “healthcare” that all the ills of America will magically be cured because, like, you know, it’s OBAAAMA.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Apart from most likely being unconstitutional, it won’t actually put many people who aren’t on healthcare onto it, it’ll cost an arm and a leg, it will reduce both the quality and amount of service available (if you’re too old, don’t get sick), it will tie everybody up in red tape, it will hamstring small businesses, and it will take away a great deal many rights now enjoyed by both patients and doctors alike (not to mention individual states).

It’s draconian.

And those waivers…

For example, Democrat Harry Reid who pushed heavily for Obamacare managed to secure his entire state – Nevada – a waiver. Unions who helped fund the campaign for Obamacare also received waivers thus saving them a ton of cash. There are other examples such as McDonald’s.

Obamacare a poison pill. Far from being a solution, it is a myriad of problems.

Hammer that point home. Stop banging on about stupid birther crap or sh*t he said 20 years ago about some bloke no one’s heard of.

Going after “who” Obama is won’t work, not when it’s (cue angels singing) Obahahahahama.

The best bet the GOP has of unseating him – and let’s face it, if that bet were a road, it’d be  a road in the Andes – is attacking his disastrous policies.

And when it comes to those, there is no bigger elephant in the china shop than Obamacare… IF the truth about it becomes more widely known.


This birther issue just won’t die

And a book’s coming out (written by a bloke with a Ph.D) in a few weeks to prove the long form is a fake. Apparently the cert. features Kerning, a form of typography not invented when Obama’s birth docs were typed out.

More here.

Gawd, will this ever end?

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