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Occupy Unmasked

It was Andrew Breitbart’s final project before his untimely death.

And the full movie is about to be released.


And currently…



North Korea’s new economic reforms

A sliver of light, glimpsed ever so briefly, at the conclusion of a most long and dark tunnel? Perhaps.

The beginning of the end of North Korea’s debilitating socialist economic system?

News reports suggested that [North Korea] has sought to expand its implementation of the so-called June 28 measures, which some observers said are tantamount to the renouncement of the socialist system.

The measures give greater autonomy to state corporations, allowing them to choose their production items, prices, amounts and marketing methods, according to reports.

They also allow farmers to take in 30 percent of their harvest.

Imagine that. North Korean farmers will now be able to keep and sell 30% of the fruits of their labour. Easily mocked in our rich Capitalist society, but it’s a step forward, progress, from the old socialist system whereby farmers could only keep what was left over from the quota the state made them harvest.

And imagine that: companies being allowed to produce what they want and set a price.

Funny old world isn’t it? As rich, free Capitalist countries toy more and more with socialist this and socialist that, a down-trodden, poor-as-fuck, relatively isolated, under-the-boot socialist country toys with the idea of Capitalism.

Ha! North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un is essentially saying, “Over to you, people,” whilst Obama is saying to every hard worker, businessman and entrepreneur in America, “You didn’t build that!”

But with these latest North Korean economic reforms, I said it’s only a sliver of hope for a reason.

Yang Un-chul, of the Sejong Institute think tank:

“Even if they allow some autonomy to farmers and corporations, when they don’t have any personal property, such incentives would not work. Even though they take in some percentage of their harvest, this would, after all, be taken away by middle-level officers.”

The benefits of Capitalism (and why the alternative is far worse)

Janet Daley has an excellent piece in the Daily Telegrapgh (UK) today. She hits on the notion so many have nowadays of some vague, fairer, better system out there – somewhere – that would be better than the free markets we have today.

However, we are reminded that that “fairer, better” system was tried last century. It’s called Communism (and you can include its baby brother, Socialism, in there too). Yet Daley laments that the utter failure of Communism never really permeated into the mass consciousness after the fall of the Evil Empire in 1989.

The failure of communism should have been, after all, not just a turning point in geo-political power – the ending of the Cold War and the break-up of the Warsaw Pact – but in modern thinking about the state and its relationship to the economy, about collectivism vs individualism, and about public vs private power. Where was the discussion, the trenchant analysis, or the fundamental debate about how and why the collectivist solutions failed, which should have been so pervasive that it would have percolated down from the educated classes to the bright 18-year-olds? Fascism is so thoroughly (and, of course, rightly) repudiated that even the use of the word as a casual slur is considered slanderous, while communism, which enslaved more people for longer (and also committed mass murder), is regarded with almost sentimental condescension.

Daley ponders, and I’ll paraphrase, whether this is because Communism looks better on paper, that it seems fairer at first glance.

I’d say it does.

I don’t know who said it first, but Capitalism is great – the best – because it truly understands human nature. It understands that we actually are pretty greedy and selfish (whether we like it or not). The delicious irony is that whilst Communism purports to enshrine freedom and fairness, in reality it delivers tyranny as we witnessed last century.

And in turn, the beauty of Capitalism is that whilst it “encourages” us to be greedy and selfish, it is actually that which in a free market which ends up helping our fellow man far more than what I’d like to think of as enforced fairness that only resulted in “corruption and a new hierarchy based on party status.”


More people need to know that whilst Capitalism isn’t perfect, it’s the best we have and that any alternative being touted these days is but a rehash of an already tested and failed experiment – Communism and its ilk – that resulted in death, bondage, poverty and misery for millions.

Read Daley’s full argument here.

H/T JM Heinrichs


A carbon tax DOES NOT represent economic freedom

Quite the opposite, what with it’s wealth redistribution, hamstringing of business, and cost of living rises for everyone coupled with flat incomes and job losses.

The following video concludes with a focus on the US, but its essential argument is so very relevant to Australia; $60 billion per year coal industry threatened, live cattle trade quashed, and… that carbon tax that will do nothing* to help the environment.

*If Australia meets its emissions targets, it will mean we save what China emits every 5 days.

H/T Say “Yes” to More Taxes

Begone foul treacherous wicked Red Witch, and take your little dog, too!

BTW, did Julia Gillard just halt and bring to its knees an entire industry (live cattle exports) essentially by decree??? Are we even living in a Democracy anymore?

Capitalism at work

Paul Driessen:

In a scene reminiscent of Colonial Williamsburg, for 16 years Thabo Molubi and his partner had made furniture in South Africa’s outback, known locally as the “veld,” using nothing but hand and foot power. When an electrical line finally reached the area, they installed lights, power saws and drills. Their productivity increased fourfold, and they hired local workers to make, sell and ship far more tables and chairs of much higher quality, thereby also commanding higher prices.

Living standards soared, and local families were able to buy and enjoy lights, refrigerators, televisions, computers and other technologies that Americans and Europeans often take for granted. The area was propelled into the modern era, entrepreneurial spirits were unleashed, new businesses opened, and hundreds of newly employed workers joined the global economy.

This must be stopped. Think of all the carbon emissions!!!

And don’t worry, certain forces are trying to stop it.

Read on.


Capitalism ruined life on Mars

As if socialists aren’t bonkers enough, now this:

CAPITALISM may be to blame for the lack of life on the planet Mars, Venezuela’s socialist President Hugo Chavez said on Tuesday.

“I have always said, heard, that it would not be strange that there had been civilisation on Mars, but maybe capitalism arrived there, imperialism arrived and finished off the planet,” Mr Chavez said in speech to mark World Water Day.

BTW, some of the comments are classic.


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