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PM Gillard under fire for linking marriage to bestiality

Labor MPs have distanced themselves from the embattled Prime Minister over recent comments suggesting marriage could be linked to bestiality.

In her speech to the Parliament, Wednesday, PM Gillard suggested that legalizing marriage would lead to a “slippery slope” resulting in increased cases of homosexuality, polygamy, and pedophilia.

“It’s a slippery slope,” she said. “I mean, when you open the door to marriage, then what next? Do we now legalize bestiality, also?”

The PM added, “And my greatest concern is for the welfare of the children. Do you really want them growing up in an environment that could potentially lead to cases of child abuse?”

Liberal commentators were quick to seize upon the PM’s remarks.

Controversial columnist R. McDonald wrote Thursday, “Well it’s quite obvious why the PM would say such a thing; she isn’t married!”

However, the defiant PM was quick to defend herself.

“No, that is correct. I don’t believe in marriage. Whether it be between a man and a woman, a man and a man, or indeed a woman and a beard, there’s really no telling what it could lead to. Most importantly, it’s about what it could mean for the children. Therefore, I stand by my decision not to have any.”

Other liberal commentators have come to Gillard’s defense arguing that although her comments were off base, she shouldn’t have been punished with such a “knee-jerk” reaction.

Further weighing into the debate, the Greens leader Christine Milne said that “whales are people, too.”


Will Labor wake up?

That question could well cover a number of current ALP policies – or lack there of – but let’s concentrate on their unholy alliance with the Greens for the moment.

With the Greens’ unwillingness to compromise on the asylum seeker issue last week apparently being the straw that broke the camel’s back, at least one Labor MP, former Defence Minister and chief government whip, Joel Fitzgibbon, says it’s time to take the Greens head-on.

Mr Fitzgibbon’s anger with the Greens echoes the frustration privately expressed with many Labor MPs who believe that Ms Gillard should tear up the agreement with them.

I don’t think that would save Labor the next election, but it might save them some future credibility.

Tim Blair on the Greens:

Too many observers treat the Greens as a political movement rather than as a political party. Until very recently, when the Greens’ senate balance of power made it unavoidable, the Greens have dodged the scorching cynicism commonly aimed at other parties and politicians.

In fact, the Greens may be the most cynical of all parties in the current parliament. They exploit public perceptions of them as caring and altruistic in order to pursue agendas that are economically destructive and, in the case of asylum seekers, cost lives.

Now that Bob Brown has left the scene, perhaps these prissy care-fakers will receive the examination they’ve well and truly earned. The next election should not be a judgment restricted to Labor and the coalition.



With a number of Labor MPs unhappy with the Greens’ alliance, can we also infer they are unhappy with the carbon tax? After all, this was a tax the PM promised not to impose, only to do so after the election at the Greens’ insistence.

Good Riddance Bob Brown

Finally, he’s out of politics.

Andrew Bolt predicts a slow decline for the Greens.

Hope so. The Bob Brown cancer on Australian politics has metastasized enough.


Certainly seems cosy if nothing else…

GREENS Leader Bob Brown faces a possible investigation by the Senate’s powerful privileges committee over an allegation he used his parliamentary position to advance the interests of a major political donor.

Remember that woodchip mill that was bought by a Greens donor – a donor to the tune of $1.6 mil – who said he’d shut it down after a bit?

TONY JONES, PRESENTER: Two of Australia’s wealthiest entrepreneurs have bought a Tasmanian woodchip mill, throwing the future of the state’s forest industry into doubt.

Wotif creator and Australian Greens donor Graeme Wood and Kathmandu clothing founder Jan Cameron signed the contracts to buy Gunns’ Triabunna mill today.

They’re paying $10 million for the operation. They say they’ll continue to run it as a woodchipping facility, but for the term of the current contract.

Their long-term aim is to make Triabunna a mecca for tourism on Tasmania’s east coast.

Bob Brown (from the Greens website):

Tourism contributes 5 times more to the Tasmanian economy than the native-forest logging industry“, said Senator Bob Brown today at the release of a discussion paper on tourism.

Would’ve been nice if Bob had provided a link to that because the info is – let’s just say – not that easy to find.

Makes you wonder; if his claim is so legit, then why is it so hard to verify?

Seriously, I’ve been scouring the internet, budget papers, links, all kinds of key word search entries, going through page after page of search results for about two hours now.


Wouldn’t it be in Bob Brown’s interest, if said claims are true, to provide ready access to verifiable links?

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