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Well, well. Our artists turn sceptic

Whoda thunk d’artists would put on a play with a climate sceptic as the hero?


US National Association of Scholars slams top climate scientists

Probably because the work of the world’s “top” climate scientists isn’t really that scholarly.

Climategate, both 1 and 2, are textbook cases of gross lapses in professional ethics and scientific malfeasance.  To understand why, one must first understand what science is and how it is supposed to operate. Science is the noble pursuit of knowledge through observation, testing and experimentation.  Scientists attempt to explain, describe and/or predict the implications of phenomena through the use of the scientific method.

Which brings us to Climategate.  Climategate parts one and two are a series of leaked e-mails from arguably the most prominent researchers promoting the idea that humans are causing catastrophic global warming. The e-mails show the scientists involved to be violating their professional ethics with the result that climate science in particular and science as an institution more generally is brought into question.


Read on.

Meanwhile, even as climate change is debunked from A to Z…

Man-made climate change, that is, of course…

Obviously, climate has changed naturally since Earth was a glint in God’s green eye.

It always will and, historically, we’ve done pretty well at dealing with it as your reading this on the Internet will testify to.

However, and despite a swathe of evidence debunking the theory that healthy, wealthy, relatively free and wise human civilisation is somehow bad – and that’s essentially what the global warming argument boils down to – a US senator has come out and stated that climate change deniers are, quote: “endangering humankind”.

Well thank goodness for that. Since virtually no one out there denies that climate does indeed change as witnessed by a mountain of empirical and anecdotal evidence, surely senator Boxer is reassuring us that humankind, the way it’s going, is going to be OK in the coming millennia.

OK. Jokes aside. Sen. Boxer as I read it is telling us that an international commitment with tangible action must be made to curb humankind’s emissions of greenhouse gases – namely carbon dioxide – or else the planet will heat up too much to be able to sustain life and that this tangible action namely involves weaning ourselves off carbon-based energy.

Not because it’s bad per se – after all, it’s cheap, easy to use, effective, and is one of the main driving forces that gives at least about a billion of us a safe, comfortable life that allows us to move beyond mere survival and engage our brains in ways to make civilisation even more advanced…

No not that, but because something, carbon, the building block of all life on earth, from the emergence of cellular life forms to the discovery of fire to vehicles that give us a handle on the galaxy, is now, suddenly, after 4.3 billion years, going to kill us.

Seriously, Sen. Boxer? That’s it?

What got us from an average lifespan of about 30 to an average lifespan of about 80 is going to somehow kill us?

Let’s leave theory there for a moment and actually take a look at the data we have.

Now the key bit of data must surely be that the world is warming and that this is bad.

Not just “bad”, but that it could wipe us all out.

Let’s assume for a minute that warming caused by human carbon emissions is bad. After all, our carbon emissions continue to steadily rise.

Problem: temperatures are not rising despite increased emissions.

In fact, this decade temperatures have been cooling.

OK. So it isn’t global warming. How about climate change causing things such as catastrophic sea level rises and increased wild weather?

Well, that isn’t happening either as empirical evidence proves. Click the links and you’ll sea that sea level rise is slowing as is wild weather (although, thanks to satellites, we get to see more of it on TV).

In fact, a bloke called Marc Morano – an activist if you will – has just delived a speech to the COP17 (climate change) international conference currently underway in Durban, South Africa.

You can find Marc Morano here and here.

Marc Morano details exactly why the current global warming/climate change scare is a false premise. It’s a pretty big pdf but well worth saving and referencing now and in the future.

He goes through pretty much every scare you and your kids have been subjected to, and clinically puts it in perspective.

Many of the proponents of man-made global warming are now claiming that climate change is worse than they predicted. According to an October 18, 2011 Daily Climate article, global warming activists claim that the “evidence builds that scientists underplay climate impacts” and “if anything, global climate disruption is likely to be significantly worse than has been suggested.”

But this exclusive Climate Depot exhaustive A-Z Climate Reality Check report on the scientific reality of the failure of man-made global warming shatters any such illusions that the climate is “worse than we thought.” As the real world evidence mounts that global warming claims are failing, the climate activists have ramped up predictions of future climate change impacts to declare that it “worse than we thought.” But a prediction or projection of 50-100 years into the future is not “evidence.” Recent scientific data and developments reveal that Mother Nature is playing a cruel joke on the promoters of man-made climate fears.

The scientific reality is that on virtually every claim — from A-Z — the claims of the promoters of man-made climate fears are failing, and in many instances the claims are moving in the opposite direction. The global warming movement is suffering the scientific death of a thousand cuts. This Climate Depot special report categorizes and indexes the full range of climate developments in a handy A-Z reference guide. The A-Z report includes key facts, peer-reviewed studies and the latest data and developments with links for further reading, on an exhaustive range of man-made global warming claims.

Meanwhile, as the gravy train rolls on, as the pigs hog the trough, as people are duped into believing more taxes and less freedom will save the planet, Australia as a lone crusader marches on into the abyss.

Yes. As the world, as ordinary citizens catch on to the the wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing that is so-called eco-awareness, this global warming gravy train – and we’re talking trillions upon trillions of dollars taken out of your pocket via taxes for a supposed problem that doesn’t even exist – well hopefully this wolf on a train has passed the last station and is headed to the end of the line.

The hard reality is that governments have spent and are spending too much of our tax dollars on wasted ventures, and despite all that money, have borrowed too much of other people’s money for even more waste, are in a state where they can’t pay the money back to prop up the waste any time soon, and yet they continue to spend more and more on wasted ventures, and thus – tralala – “global warming” is the best dud solution they have come up with to plug the hole in the crucified hand of society and thus gain what is the antithesis to democracy and freedom.

Plugging the hole means robbing us blind, stripping from us our democratic rights, taking away our freedom, and sending humanity back at least 500 years.

“Global warming” is a means of reasserting control, power, and wealth by a selected few over the many.

It doesn’t have a thing to do with the ecological balance of planet Earth.

Agree to global warming and you are agreeing to other people running your life, you having no say over your life, and no means to do anything about it.

What is nowadays touted as progressive thought is actually a call for the bad old days.


With thanks to Cranky Old Crow for some of the links

Labor pains

With the national ALP conference looming, Tom Quinn, a politics professor at La Trobe University, takes a look at why Labor is fast becoming a shadow of the party it once was.

Rock-bottom support. Plummeting membership. A broken structure. Labor is in trouble and its very existence is at stake. But if the hacks are serious about fixing the party at its national conference this weekend, they must deal with one issue underpinning all of Labor’s woes – the collapse of the party’s traditional base.

While opinion polls this year have hammered home the dire level of support for Labor, with its primary vote often wallowing in the 20s, the party’s main concern is the plummeting number of paid-up members. Official numbers are hard to come by, but insiders report that membership is now below 20,000, the lowest level in decades and half the number the party had as recently as 2007 when Kevin Rudd was elected. The swiftness of this loss is compounded by the changing nature of Australian society, presenting the question of whether numbers can be regained quickly or indeed ever.

The first part of the piece is quite good explaining the downsizing of Labor’s base – manual laborers – coupled with the realisation that the base’s core needs such as free healthcare and education have been met thus pushing those traditional core values towards the cliff of irrelevance.

There are a few sticking points with Quinn’s argument however.

Take Labor’s current approach to asylum seekers. Its strategy is centred on ”tough on refugees” posturing and playing up the threat to national security.

Excuse me, but just how is Labor “tough” on asylum seekers? What? Tough like a shiatsu massage? Just how is closing the offshore processing centres we had that reduced illegal boat arrivals to almost zero which led to a gargantuan spike in arrivals (and deaths at sea) considered “tough”? How is quickly processing illegal arrivals and releasing them on welfare into the community “tough”?

Next, Quinn argues that mirroring the Liberal party won’t bear fruit.

Why choose Liberal-lite when you can vote for the real thing?

Memo to Tom: Kevin Rudd won the 2007 federal election for the ALP precisely by portraying himself as Howard-lite.

Labor is consistently missing the opportunity to build community support for a more progressive Australia, primarily because it no longer understands its former base.

An odd line. I would argue Labor is wallowing in the polls and losing its base precisely because it has become too progressive since winning the 2007 (and 2010) election; Greens-lite if you will.

You can see where this going, right? Just in case “politics academic” didn’t toll the warning bells…

As the impacts of climate change accelerate…

Don’tcha just love how in so many circles, the above phrase is so casually bandied about and accepted without the slightest hint of critique.

Never mind that it hasn’t warmed in about 15 years, and that on average 2011 has been colder than all the other years this century and even cooler that 1988.

Never mind parts of the world experienced their coldest winter in a decade last year.

Never mind sea level rises are actually decelerating from the normal 3mm per year we’ve seen since the end of the little ice age to a mere 1.8mm at the moment.

Never mind the intensity and frequency on average of hurricanes and the like has actually decreased over the past three decades.

Never mind the “endangered” polar bear has seen its numbers increase five-fold, from 5000 to 25,000 since the 1950s and that there are so many now, hunting season is open again.

Never mind changes in the sun’s thermal output.

Never mind the Climategate 1.0 and 2.0 emails.

Never mind reality vs innaccurate models, just repeat the man-made global warming mantra; brainwash the kids with it to the point where you can say “as the impacts of climate change accelerate”, and not an eyelid is batted.


But let’s move on to the final fisk…

Trapped between parties of fear and vision, Labor is being squeezed into irrelevance.

So the Liberals are a party of “fear” and the Greens are a party of “vision”. Have I got that right, Tom?

I guess “fear” must be scary stuff like balancing the budget and lowering taxes.

I guess “vision” must entail such luminous ideas taking away freedom of the press and scrapping Australia’s sovereignty by means of a one world undemocratic government.


‘Nuff said.

Tom Quinn has worked for the Green Building Council of Australia for a number of years…

Climategate 2: the trick

Piece together some key emails from a few “leading” climate scientists and one finds a certain distinct narrative.

It is high time for the manmade climate change “consensus” to start backing up its claims by providing more substantiated evidence to the public, which will be cross-examined by other scientists with a mind to getting to the truth of the matter, rather than simply ratifying the preferences of their political backers. Such would spell the end of the manmade climate change “crisis,” which in any event has been dragging on for decades now, with no discernible apocalypse in sight.

That quote is from RogueOperator who notes a disturbing turn of phrase by the scientists who are supposedly at the forefront of global climate research.

The trick may be to decide on the main message and use that to guid[e] what’s included and what is left out.”

RogueOperator notes discussions on:

  • government involvement in creating supposedly independent scientific reports
  • in fact, their perceived necessity in helping create independent scientific reports
  • inconclusive (weak) data will require careful wording
  • politicians demand a clear, strong message from the scientists to push the political agenda [logic dictates this is in return for more funding – bing]
  • long-term worries over the science being hijacked and manipulated for political purposes [duh – bing]
  • the need for more alarmist evidence , but where is it?
  • questions over the quality of their own data
  • calls to reinforce their PR campaign

Oh, don’t worry. There’s more.


Climategate 2: “the cause”

When scientists are working for a cause, then it ceases to be science.

Almost exactly two years after the first “Climategate” emails were leaked onto the internet, another batch has mysteriously made its way online.

The “climategate” emails highlighted the accepted orthodox of man-made global warming/climate change – the consensus – was actually a small, highly (government) funded cabal of scientists such as Keith Briffa, Michael Mann, and Phil Jones working closely together to fudge data, suppress data, delete data, cherry-pick data, abuse the peer-review process, and attack any scientist who dare question their often secretive work.

And now there’s more; scientists working for “the cause”.

That in itself should ring alarm bells in anyone’s mind.

From whoever leaked the emails: Continue reading

Editor resigns because scientific “consensus” breached

Via Bolta who has all the details, basically what we have is the editor-in-chief of a prestigious scientific journal, Wolfgang Wagner of Remote Sensing, has resigned because a peer-reviewed paper they published was peer-reviewed by three scientists with at least some scepticism towards the notion that the minor human contribution to a mostly natural yet essential life-enabling trace gas, CO2, is driving dangerous man-made climate change, itself undetectable through empirical testing.

Not that the paper has been proved wrong, far from it, but the small clique of alarmist scientists wasn’t consulted – “consensus” was breached – and now the proverbial has hit the fan.

Details here.


And remember, this comes just days after another group of scientists at CERN were gagged by their boss from interpreting data they collected – data that flies in the face of the “consensus” of course.

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