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Stacking the board?

The Sydney Morning Herald dutifully reports the appointment of two new board members to the Reserve Bank.

Treasurer Wayne Swan has made two new appointments to the Reserve Bank of Australia board.

Philip Lowe has been appointed as the bank’s deputy governor, replacing Rick Battellino, who is retiring on February 14 next year.

Australian Industry Group chief executive Heather Ridout will also join the baord that day, replacing Graham Kraehe.

And on the article goes with various background info and quotes.

The SMH curiously (not) fails to report one newsworthy tidbit, however.

Graham Kraehe, the head of BlueScope Steel, has been a huge critic of the government’s mining tax and carbon (dioxide!) tax.

To find that out, one has to pop over to the Daily Telegraph (sorry, can’t link directly there on this computer).

The SMH also fails to explicitly mention that an industry titan has been replaced by a…


The SMH also fails to mention Kraehe is the second board member critical of the government (the first was Bill McKibben) to get the boot.

Stacking the board?

Maybe. Maybe not.

But it wouldn’t be the first time Labor and/or Swan have been implicated playing tricksies.

Take the Shepherdson Inquiry in Queensland at the turn of the century.

Labor was found guilty of branch stacking in a number of seats there.

Or this around the same time…

Allegations into electoral fraud continue

PM Archive – Monday, 27 November , 2000 00:00:00
Reporter: Mark Willacy
COMPERE: First tonight, a Federal Labor front-bencher faces investigation by the Director of Public Prosecutions over claims that he gave money to the Australian Democrats during the 1996 election campaign.

A former ALP organiser claims that Wayne Swan, who’s now serving under Kim Beazley as Labor’s Community and Family Services’ spokesman, asked him back then to deliver an envelope. It was stuffed with about $1,400 and addressed to a Democrats’ Campaign Office.

The Prime Minister, keen to keep the issue of Labor vote rorting in the headlines, says the allegations raise serious questions about one of Opposition Leader Kim Beazley’s closest advisers and confidantes. But Mr Beazley denies it was a case of ‘cash for preferences’ saying the assistance deal, negotiated at a Federal level, was no secret.

In Canberra, Mark Willacy.

MARK WILLACY: What started out as an inquiry into pre-selection vote rorting in Queensland is now starting to bite into Kim Beazley’s front-bench. The names of two Federal MPs have already been suppressed and now serious allegations are being made outside the Inquiry Chamber.

Or this…

Branch-stackers lobby for Wayne Swan’s pet project

by: Andrew Fraser
From: The Australian
May 15, 2009 12:00AM

TWO men expelled from the ALP for branch-stacking have emerged as the chief lobbyists for the project the federal Government has promoted as a suitable candidate for “Rudd Bank” funds.

Austcorp, which last week called in administrators, is the developer behind the Brisbane high-rise residential tower “Vision”.

Wayne Swan said earlier this year that Vision was “just the right project” to receive government funding through Rudd Bank, which was established to take lending positions in commercial property ventures where foreign or other smaller banks refused to roll over their share of syndicated loans.

Or a more recent example:

A north Queensland Labor candidate has downplayed allegations of branch stacking in the lead-up to his preselection.

In a leaked email, Mark Harrison wrote to ALP members alleging “unsavoury methods” had been employed before his preselection in the Townsville seat of Mundingburra, and a ballot for delegates to the Labor state conference in June.

Now maybe Kraehe just wanted to go, but his replacement does seem to make it awfully convenient for the government.


Oi, Swanny: slam yourself ya goose!

Wayne Swan slams the media over the ALP’s worst poll result ever. He singles out the Daily Telegraph, so may I say, “Well Done Tim Blair!”

Mr Swan on Friday named Sydney’s The Daily Telegraph as one newspaper that constantly opposed a carbon price. “It doesn’t care how it does it,” he said of the News Limited publication.

Link courtesy of SBS. By the way, nice pic of, er, STEAM there, SBS! 🙄


You sneaky devils, SBS. they’ve changed the photo of STEAM coming out of the factory “chimney” and replaced it with a Swan video.

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