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Carbon carking it

Just walk away already. How many more billions need to be wasted on useless gestures?

The world’s only global system of carbon trading, designed to give poor countries access to new green technologies, has “essentially collapsed”, jeopardising future flows of finance to the developing world.

Billions of dollars have been raised in the past seven years through the United Nations’ system to set up greenhouse gas-cutting projects, such as windfarms and solar panels, in poor nations. But the failure of governments to provide firm guarantees to continue with the system beyond this year has raised serious concerns over whether it can survive.

No worries. There’s another junket in Qatar this December.

Image H/T Craig Kelly MP, via reader Sean (on Facebook)


Australian taxpayers are funding a 21-strong delegation of bureaucrats from the Department of Climate Change to attend a UN “Climate Change Conference” in Bangkok, with all the departmental staff travelling bus
iness class.

This delegation follows a $360,000 trip for a 38-member delegation to last year’s UN “Climate Change Conference” in Mexico, where Climate Change Minister Mr. Combet, parliamentary secretary for Climate Change Mark Dreyfus, and their advisers all flew business class to exotic Cancun – which followed the then Rudd government spending nearly $1.5 million on travel and accommodation costs for his delegation of 68 to Copenhagen “Climate Change Conference”.


Climategate 2: “the cause”

When scientists are working for a cause, then it ceases to be science.

Almost exactly two years after the first “Climategate” emails were leaked onto the internet, another batch has mysteriously made its way online.

The “climategate” emails highlighted the accepted orthodox of man-made global warming/climate change – the consensus – was actually a small, highly (government) funded cabal of scientists such as Keith Briffa, Michael Mann, and Phil Jones working closely together to fudge data, suppress data, delete data, cherry-pick data, abuse the peer-review process, and attack any scientist who dare question their often secretive work.

And now there’s more; scientists working for “the cause”.

That in itself should ring alarm bells in anyone’s mind.

From whoever leaked the emails: Continue reading

Goldman Sachs rules the world

It’s not as if we didn’t already suspect…

A FINANCIAL trader in London caused a storm of outrage by suggesting that world leaders cannot do anything to prevent a global market collapse, saying that investment bank Goldman Sachs ruled the world.

Alessio Rastani’s comments on BBC Television on Monday have gone viral, viewed by more than 360,000 people, but they fit so closely to the stereotype of a heartless banker that rumours are rife that he is actually part of a hoax.

Answering questions about world leaders’ response to the eurozone debt crisis, the 34-year-old said traders “know the stock market is finished. The euro, as far as they’re concerned, they don’t really care”.

“For most traders, we don’t really care that much how they’re going to fix the economy, how they’re going to fix the whole situation, our job is to make money from it,” he said.

“Personally I’ve been dreaming of this moment for three years. I have a confession, which is I go to bed every night, I dream of another recession.”

As the BBC presenter looked on in shock, he added: “The governments don’t rule the world. Goldman Sachs rules the world. Goldman Sachs does not care about this rescue package, neither does the big funds.”

A Goldman Sachs spokeswoman said the bank had no comment.

Ah, yes. Good ol’ Goldman Sachs (of cash).

UPDATE (now that there’s some time. it’s hard blogging during break times)

Too funny. Too funny.

The bloke’s candor is refreshing, if not also being rather disturbing.

No wonder former Opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull is so gung ho for a carbon tax-come-emissions trading scheme.

His mates back at Goldman Sachs, formerly burdened with having to (at least sometimes) trade actual real, tangible stuff must be rubbing their hands with glee since our PM broke her promise and decided that yes, they’ll be able to make a motza trading – literally – thin air.

Shame about the average bloke just trying to put food on the table…

Monckton gives Turnbull a serve

Found this over at Andrew Bolt’s but it is soooo worthy of repeating.


Challenge to an absolute banker

The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, following what the great Alan Jones has described as his “6-0, 6-0, 6-0 victory” over the director of the Australia Institute in a debate about the climate at the National Press Club in Canberra early this week, has today issued the following challenge to Malcolm Turnbull, the former leader of the Liberal/National Coalition, whom his party recycled last year for his naïve belief that “global warming” is some sort of “global crisis” –

Whereas one Malcolm Turnbull, Member of Parliament for Goldman Sachs, self-appointed leader of the Absolute Bankers’ Get-Rich-Quick, Gimme-the-Money, Subsidy-Junkies’, Profiteers’-of-Doom and Rent-Seekers’ Vested-Interest Coalition Against Hard-Working Taxpayers, has this day demonstrated wilful but indubitably profitable ignorance of elementary science by declaring that since all relevant matters of climatology are settled no one should pay any heed to a mere Peer of the Realm who dares to question the imagined (and imaginary) scientific “consensus” to the effect that unless the economies of the West are laid waste and destroyed we are all doomed;

And forasmuch as it is easy to identify the said Turnbull’s aircraft when it arrives at Canberra Airport because when the engines are turned off the whining carries on;

Now therefore I, The Right Honourable Christopher Walter, by the Grace of God and Letters Patent under the Hand and Seal of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second (whom God preserve) Third Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, do by these presents challenge the said Absolute Banker to a Debate on live television, during which each party shall have the opportunity to state his case and to examine the other’s case, with a view to informing Hard-Working Taxpayers and allowing them to decide for themselves whether the truth is being told by me or by the said Member for Goldman Sachs, upon whom I call to take up this challenge, if he dares.

Given under my sign manual this twenty-second day of July in the Year of our Lord Two Thousand and Eleven,


Fat chance Lord Monckton will get that debate, but still…



What a mess.

Global warming…climate change… dangerous climate change… carbon pollution… clean energy future


Global warming BS has really been doing the rounds lately, hasn’t it?

Green’s leader Bob Brown wants to get his hands on the media… well media that doesn’t toe his BS line, anyway.

Labor apparatchiks GetUP! is coming to Julia’s rescue by offering her a forum tonight. Yes, much better to have it tightly controlled than be going into any shopping centres again!

Speaking of that carbon tax, the inevitable scamming has begun.

Here’s a squiz into Malcolm Turnbull’s possible motivations behind an ETS (I think you may know already). Tsk, tsk, Malcolm.

And over in the States, come September, our American friends are going to be subjected to 24 hours of non-stop BS in Al Gore’s latest brainwashing effort.

Finally, in non climate-related BS, how come it’s costing the UK 53 times less than Australia to deliver high speed broadband?

H/T All the fine folks here.

Europe: don’t do it, Julia

And they’d know. Remember their carbon market collapsing last month?

STEPHEN LONG: A group of international economists, historians and scientists is warning the Gillard Government that moving to an emissions trading scheme is a mistake. The Hartwell Group cautions that the European Union’s ETS has been little more than a means for banks and hedge funds to make money.

Well I’ll be… no way!

EMMA ALBERICI: Thirteen and a half euros represents a steep drop in the price of pollution, a 30 per cent fall over the year. To some that’s a market crash.

The Hartwell Group of international economists, historians and climate scientists are warning Australia that this market-based approach to tackle global warming doesn’t work.

Perhaps not. But Julia needs to balance her budget somehow. She has a $36 billion unnecessary NBN (private sector, anyone? supply and demand?) to cough up some cash for, too.

H/T JustMEinT, currently pondering Inuit warning signs.

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