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So I’m just gonna do this…

Just from a personal perspective, but it’s a bit hard blogging* about a lame duck PM and the most idiotic, lamest protests ever devised in the history of mankind…

So here’s a pic.

It’s a side-on shot taken of Massa’s Ferrari going at 320km/h on the back straight at the 2011 Korean Formula One Grand Prix.


*Even being bothered to blog about such FAIL.

I dunno, but when you come back from a weekend like that, and read so much FAIL in the papers on Monday, you kinda stop giving a crap.

Go Stoner!

RIP Wheldon


The new FF: the Fugly Ferrari

This is without a doubt the fugliest Ferrari ever built, the FF Scraglietti. It might have a decent engine, but whatever. It’s supposed to be a Ferrari, not this horrendous thing!

Regardless, some of the designs at the Swiss Motor Show were OK.

Ferrari are lucky, however, they revealed that monstrosity barely days after Top Gear (UK) finished its last episode of the season.

Webber leads F1 championship

It wasn’t a good result, but it was good enough… for now.

As is all too often, Mark had a disastrous start, going from 4th to 9th but he managed to claw back a few spots eventually finishing in 6th. That coupled with previous championship leader, Lewis Hamilton’s, exit on the first lap, puts Mark in the championship lead, albeit by a mere 5 points. Lewis might do well to not drive into a Ferrari at Monza next time.

The story of the day is, of course, Ferrari bringing home 1st place in Italy, but plenty of others will surely cover that.

Bad day for Lewis. Good day for everyone else. Nico Hulkenberg’s stock went waaaay down, however. Three times he ran into the run-off area because he couldn’t make the chicane. This was due to pressure from Webber, but the so-called Hulk still kept his position. Tsk tsk stewards. He pulled off one more nasty move but eventually Mark got past, but lost enough time to keep I-have-a-magnet-front-end Vettel in fourth.


What we have here, is five blokes, with five races remaining, all in contention for the championship. Webber. Hamilton. Alonso. Button. Vettel. With 24 points between them, and at 25 points a pop for each win, it is definitely on.

Singapore under lights in two weeks will be a blast. Red Bull should have the advantage but it’s a bit of a worry Mark’s never finished a race there whereas Alonso and Lewis have each had a victory.

Luckily for lady bingbing, the race starts at 7pm Korean time (I think), so she’ll be able to watch the lot live, and just in time to catch the last train home… might be a taxi ride to the station, though. One doubts, almost ironically, one’s driving ability will be that crash hot by the end of the race.

Moving on, the championship could well be decided (although that’s a stretch) in Korea. It all depends how Singapore and Japan go, but these – and Korea – should be circuits well-suited to the Red Bulls.

One quip, though. Why the heck isn’t the F1 being promoted in Korea much? Local media isn’t exactly on to it although that’s understandable. Many Koreans I talk to haven’t ever heard on F1 (???), and many of those who have heard of it have merely some vague notion of Schumacher. Here’s hoping Bernie steps up his game since it’d be a real shame if Korea only hosted one or a few races (just tell Korea Japan does it better and that should fire them up).

My future kids may well go hungry but hopefully they will go hungry watching Formula One in Korea for many years to come.

Oh, and by the way, she chose a ring… yes, that one. Just gotta find the right moment…

Webber dares… and WINS!

First of all, I’d like to apologise to my sofa, and the attrition is has endured.

You see, we’re talking about the Hungarian F1 Grand Prix. At about lap sixteen, the safety car was deployed. Typically, this is a time when all the cars will make a pit stop and change their tyres (and re-fuel but not this year).

It’s like this. Red Bull’s Vettel was in 1st. Ferrari’s Alonso in 2nd. Australia’s Mark Webber in third, and the other Ferrari Massa in 4th.

Then a crash happened somewhere and out came the saftey car. All the top runners pitted. Massa lost a place as both Ferraris pitted thus creating a queue, but Webber didn’t pit.

But then he “came out”, one mandatory pit stop down and only – for reason of being behind a safety car – only just ahead of the top running cars that had already pitted.

Now you gotta know that Aussie F1 fans are plenty sceptical of Mark’s Red Bull team. There’s good reason for that considering Mark’s team mate crashed into him yet the team blamed Mark, and that an add-on both drivers had, when lost by Vettel, was taken off Mark’s car and put on to his team mate’s car even though it was his team mate who had destroyed the rare, crucial add-on.

As was famously said, “Not bad for a number two driver.”

Anyway, this time, Red Bull gets the benefit of the doubt. It’s so far unknown whether Mark’s team or Mark himself kept his car out there when that safety car incedent occurred. True. Ferrari’s Massa lost a place due to Ferrari’s decision to bring both cars in at the same time.

Mark would have lost a place.

But at the time, that sofa got pounded. So yeah, sorry sofa. But have pride knowing you are the best temp I ever had… better than that Futon. (And the current sofa’s still OK, though the Futon had a most admirable death.)

I have to buy a proper sofa some time down the track…

Regardless, Mark then pulled out fastest lap after fastest lap and despite being on tyres that effectively were running over cheese graters, managed to pull out fastest lap after fastest lap.

Awful (as the word was originally interpreted as).

But going back to when almost all the cars pitted at once due to the safety car.

France attacked India. Renault decided to let their car go as Force India’s car tried to “park”. Bam! India was finished then and yet Renault only lasted a few more laps. Hmmm.

The wheels literally fell off Germany and their necessary oil-rich Malaysian counterparts, Petronas. Hmmm.

LOL, just givng them some crap.

It was pit-lane mayhem. Just ask Nico.

What also was something to watch was the race between former Ferrari world champion Michael Schumacher and his former team mate Rubens Barrichello. This was for the last chance for points in the race…10th…out of 24 starters… of whom 19 finished.

We all remember Mark’s vindicative quote when he finished first as Red Bull’s “number 2” driver.

Well, maybe some of us remember when Schumacher and Barichello were racing “together” at Ferrari and Barichello infamously had to move out the way.

Well this time, it was Schumi who had to (!), but he made it extremely dangerous. Different teams. No team orders. But the old number two driver was vastly faster. Schumacher nearly killed him. Hmmm.

The Star Sports Asia commentaors reckon he went to far. That said, Schumi had just recently done an interview about Aryton Senna, who even Schumacher described as the best driver ever.

Boy was Senna ruthless. One feels Schumi had a little bit of extra motivation this race.

FMD it was great racing, though.

Spaeking of inspriation? A year and a week ago, yet at the same track, it was Filipe Massa who sustained a massive head injury at this very venue, and yet who was back again today…oops…yesterday… writing this post has taken a couple of minutes too long.

But it was such an eventful race. The best of season… and not just because Webber won.

To be honest, I don’t really like Seb, but his drive-thru penalty was pretty harsh… not being ten car lengths behind the safety car for a brief moment. Yet in no way did he threaten the saftey car.

Where it looked like Red Bull had screwed Mark yet again (and again, sofa: sorry), it turns out the team strategy gave him an “easy” win.

No, despite no dramas on the first corner, it was the most eventful race of this season.

And well, like the decreasingly lucky few, up comes the summer vacation, and we have almost the whole month off.

Time enough for Seb to cool down and take stock that championship leader McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton didn’t even finish. Time to build some character.

More importantly, time for Mark… and perhaps his Aussie fans, too… to just chill… even if some of them are sweltering it out in Korea.

Now for sure this post is biased becaused it’s an Australian blogger blogging about an Australian Formula 1 driver winning.

Care factor. Last time Webber won, using an inferior car that he didn’t originally have yet what his team gave him, the word was “Vindication”.

Today the word is “Attrition”.

Webber started 2nd, slungshot his car round the first corner in third, dared to stay out when all the other cars went in, and through one of the most monumental hard slogs witnessed in any F1 race ever, held on to keep that cart in first, and then?

Then Webber had a bit of fun. Fastest laps just kept on coming.

Truly hard luck for Seb, but well done Mark!

It was just one of those races where so many other factors came into play.

Even if Mark had lost, it was still one of the all-time great F1 races. A race of strategy, gamble, luck and chance, yet ultimately a race won by attrition.

Sure, sure. They all are. But this race was an exemplar.

Red Bull is a hard team to love, yet they are at the top of the constructers’ champoinship and have a driver currently at the top of the drivers’ champiinship. That’s Webber, and he and his team mate were dead even before this race.

And thanks to a mechanical failure, former championship leader, former world champion, Lewis Hamilton, walks away devoid of any points this race. He drove very well, too, however. He is a true race driver only to be admired. Fuck he raced hard. Full credit.

This race saw such exiting yet ultimately frightneing pit-lane incidents aka Nico Rosberg’s wheel coming off and nearly killing God knows how many people and then there was a pit lane crash between two other drivers.

Then there was, finally, a real contest between ex-Ferarri’s Schumacher and Barichello.

For every driver, this was certainly a race of attrition. A tough circuit made tougher by a tough set of circumstances. The many right and left corners in quick succession, more than usual, really are a pain in the neck on this one.

I’ve said before in comments on the interwebs, for whatever reason, Webber thrives when put under the pump.

And by golly was he most certainly thriving throughout the entire race today… mind you with an absolutely brilliant car.

That said, the word that still comes to mind is attrition.

Webber – a Minardi driver bcak in the day – is now leading the championship, his team is now leading the constructers’ championship. Webber is one of the oldest drivers in F1 and has certainly done it harder than others.

He didn’t come from a rich family. He did it old school (new school?).

And speaking of attrition, I wasn’t a fan at first. Sorry. Basically didn’t know enough.

Yet, for different reasons, perhaps, I can say that, finally, about the Red Bull Team… OK. Yet, still did that sofa cop a beating tonight!

Even if Ferrari is my favorite.

Why Ferrari? They’ve been racing F1 for 60 years. The only team to have been there the whole time.

Call it attrition.



Ahh, so Seb got too far (more that 10 car lengths) behind the safety car. Still a pretty harsh penalty, especially in light of the fact that Schumacher received none.


Ten grid places for Schumacher next race.

Cigarettes and nannies

It’s been a bad news day for the tobacco industry. First up you’ve the Magnificently Useless Labor Prime Nanny, Kevin Rudd, not only ordering that by June next year all cigarette packaging in Australia will be in Franklins No Frills style packaging, he then dropped the bomb today announcing that a 25% tax hike on smokes was being brought forward to midnight tonight. An obvious (and reasonably effective, if not short-lived) distraction to his failed ETS, but a bum rap for sure that’ll bring the average price of a pack of 25s up to around $14 or thereabouts (woah!). The only upside is that Kevin, whose own party is sharpening knives, might not get away with the packaging law.

Meanwhile, it’s not much better over in England, where probably the last major act of interference by England’s Nanny State Labour government will be Marlboro being investigated for subliminal advertising on the Ferrari Formula One cars and on the drivers’ racing suits.

Excuse me, but exactly how does that photo advertise Marlboro cigarettes? As they say in England, bollocks.

But going back to KRudd’s latest brainfart, the no frills packaging will still have the graphic photos and warning labels on them.

And you know, it’s times like these that makes me really appreciate living in South Korea despite its many faults. A pack of 20s costs around $2.40 Australian, an example of which is shown below.

Heh. And the relatively innocuous warning label is in Korean, a language of which I only have a functional ability of.

To round this up, a commenter at the Ferrari link summed it up best.

Chris of Zurich Posted at 4:08 PM Today

Take the fast from F1, Take the taste from food, the alcohol from beer, the nicotine from cigarettes, humour from funny, sharp from knives let’s just keep taking out the the of everything and further abstract ourselves into post-modern ultra-existential hellish tasteless colorless senseless manilla nothingness while we question and label each other by the pills that are guiltlessly prescribed to numb the stinging emptiness. Where do I sign up!? You’re going to die from something and I’m only certain boredom is the worst possible cause. The continued evolution of absolute stupidity.



Fellow Tizona editor, The Frollicking Mole, is on the same page (thanks to the wonders of modern technology, literally).

For sheer, blatant spin Mr Rudd is to be congratulated. Faced with a multitude of looming debacles what does he do?

Throws up a smokescreen, literally:Cigarette tax to increase 25pc from midnight

Hes announced out of the blue that smokers will face a 25% increase in the price of cigarettes from midnight tonight. Mouthing all the usual platitudes about saving chiiildren it allows him a free kick at a group hes already driven outside, and tried to ban from smoking in their own cars.

I hate ciggies, they make my nose run and sneeze, but I hate do gooder wankers even more. No-one in Australia should be under the impression smoking is good for you, it costs a lot and it stinks. Everyone has been informed about that for decades. Please piss off and moralize somewhere else.

My Grandfather died of asbestos, he was a builder/carpenter in the bad old days.His death was listed as “due to smoking”, despite his lungs asbestos related degeneration. Every smoker who goes to hospital now can expect their every aliment traced back to smoking, no matter how tenuous the link. tobacco is a killer, so why inflate the figures even more?

I dont believe the official statistics anymore. The semi-government cancer council and various lobby groups exist to let the government look as though its community pressure driving the bansturbation and tax raising. That same increase in tax revenue helps fund ever more generous grants to these same “charities” to start all over again.

Heres the group responsible for the report, and a few highlights of the members backgrounds.

Unbiased bloke N#1: He is currently President of the Public Health Association of Australia, the Australian Council on Smoking and Health and the WA Heart Foundation, and Chair of the WA Alcohol and Drug Authority. He has played a leading role in tobacco control, alcohol and other public health issues nationally and internationally for many years, and has advised governments and NGOs in some thirty countries.

Unbiased lady N#1: has developed national cardiovascular health programs within Australia, has been extensively involved with cancer prevention programs and is regarded as an expert on tobacco control matters.

Worrying lady N#1: She has been an active environmentalist since the early 1980s and is particularly passionate about climate change. She was recently trained as a climate change presenter by former US Vice President Al Gore, who is training climate change presenters around the world as part of the Climate Project.

All in all a roundup of people of similar opinions, very “Yes Minister” collection.

Still it achieves Turdfingers objectives nicely.

A: Moves the news stories away from his stuff ups.

B: May move debate back to health, where he has a temporary advantage (since it will take a couple of years for his new stuff ups to unravel there)

C: Raises more money for him to hose up the nearest wall.

In addition to the massive increase in tax, there is a move to “plain package” cigarettes to remove the distinctiveness of various brands.

Australia would be the first country in the world to force cigarette companies to use plain packaging.

“From 2012, companies will only be allowed to print their brand name in a standard style and graphic health warnings will remain on the packets.”

I suggest he goes one step further and does this instead.

He took a cigarette from a crumpled packet marked VICTORY CIGARETTES and incautiously held it upright, whereupon the tobacco fell out on to the floor." Orwell.

One little problem, this is almost certainly not legal in any way. I dont have a huge amount of sympathy for the tobacco companies, as for some weird reason, defying all logic, they seemed to feel their previous concessions to the anti smoking lobby would appease them. What a surprise it hasnt, again.

“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber barons cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience. They may be more likely to go to Heaven yet at the same time likelier to make a Hell of earth. Their very kindness stings with intolerable insult. To be cured against ones will and cured of states which we may not regard as disease is to be put on a level of those who have not yet reached the age of reason or those who never will; to be classed with infants, imbeciles, and domestic animals.

C. S. Lewis, God in the Dock”

More under the fold, including how its increasing profits for criminals.

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